New Dietary Guidelines

Breaking news (albeit, a few days late).
I hope you can find a little time in your day today to read the new 2010 dietary guidelines.
Here is the email I received from the American Dietetic Association early this week:

Today is a significant day for our Association and profession as the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released. You can download the Guidelines and supporting materials at USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion website. They represent the government’s cornerstone for nutrition policy and education for the next five years and affect the work of every registered dietitian and dietetic technician, registered.
ADA has issued two press releases on the new Dietary Guidelines – one that gives our overall reaction to the new DGAs and another that focuses on how consumers can apply the Dietary Guidelines to their own individual eating plans. In addition, media coverage of the release of the Dietary Guidelines includes a substantial number of interviews with ADA members, including our Spokespeople. Links to some of this media coverage will be included in this week’s issue of Eat Right Weekly.

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