2 more days

Where has the time gone? I can't believe 1 week ago we were making our way to Athens GA and now we only have 2 more days left in our trip. I am really enjoying my time traveling to new places, seeing new sights, eating local eats and swimming in various pools but my hubby (who is doing all the work) is super tired and sore. Last night was race #5 and it was a tough one. Karel has finished every race of Speed Week this year and I couldn't be more proud. Karel has a race at 4pm today near downtown Charlotte NC. It is a super tough course with a sharp 90-degree corner on the bottom of a hill, with an immediate gradual climb to begin the next loop. These races are not easy and with over 175 riders in each race, the pace is blistering fast. Karel has a lot of determination to finish these races but with Athens starting the gradual decline in energy and increase in soreness, he is really fighting to finish each race he starts.

We are enjoying ourself at our friends' house in NC. Campy loves hanging out with his furry buddy Milo and Karel and myself LOVE having a kitchen for home-cooked meals. The other night I made a super Yummy dinner of tofu, dirty rice, oven grilled corn and a beautiful salad, while Karel made Talapia w/ onions and garlic.