Diner-style dinner

Home at last!! I have several pics and updates from the past 9 days and 2000+ miles of traveling which I will be posting in the next day or two. Just catching up on emails, coaching/nutrition work and getting back to a normal schedule. But I have to say, what a fantastic time to spend with my wonderful husband and cute-cuddly, furry BFF.
I also received news today that my information is currently within the hands of the CDR (commission on dietetic registration) and I should be receiving my application handbook within 7 business days. YAHOO!!! I can't believe that last week I was stressing over my final exam and now I am eligible for the RD exam!!

Before we left on Fri morning, I made a fabulous dinner of leftovers in my kitchen. Knowing that we would be away for over a week, I wanted to make use of all food in my place.

I really didn't have a concept when starting dinner on Thurs evening but one thing lead to another and a fabulous Marni-creation was created. With a bag of fresh veggies (bought from Publix, which I then steamed), a few eggs, skim milk, shredded cheese, corn, tomatoes, greek yogurt, two potatoes and garlic, I made the best-tasting that reminded me eating in a diner. However, this meal was cooked at home and I didn't have to wait for my food or the check. Enjoy!!

For the potatoes, slice thinly and toss in olive oil and paprika. Bake for 25-30 min on a baking pan (lined with tinfoil) at 450 degrees, or until golden brown.