Feeling rested

4 weeks down, 63 day to go. With every workout, I am more energized than the day before and more and more confident for my 5th Ironman. I still get excited with every workout as I still find myself getting stronger, faster and smarter as an athlete. As the months progress with Karel as my guide/coach, I am reminded that I will save my best effort for race day and quantity training is so old-school. For October 8th is the result of many small individual quality-specific efforts. For I must arrive at the race feeling rested and hungry to race. If my mind and my body are not ready for the journey when I land in Kona, Hawaii, than I have failed with my attempt to achieve balance in my life.
Therefore, my goal for the next 9 weeks is to stick to my plan, trust my gradual gains in fitness and enjoying every moment as I train for the Ironman World Championships. Each workout has a purpose and I am careful to focus on every single component that will get me to the starting line feeling fresh and ready to race. I am careful not to progress too quickly with my volume and or intensity. I keep in mind my ultimate goals and where I want to be on race day. For if I am injured or overtrained, I have disrespected my body. Every day provides countless opportunities to prepare for my race. I nourish my body, I allow it to rest, I give it a healthy dose of exercise, I make it feel loved and happy and I respect it for what it allows me to do on a daily basis. No workout is taken for granted and I am mindful to keep my life in balance. I have not lost sight on the important things in life for when my training session is complete, I am quick to turn off the Ironman switch and resume my life as a doggy mommy, wife, lover of vegetarian cooking (trimarni creations), clinical dietitian, writer, speaker, daughter/sister, friend, coach and lover of living life to the fullest. I am amazed by the human body and now, more than ever, I realize that Anything IS possible.