HCG for weight loss...

Not any more.

HCG off the market

Diet fads, weight loss pills and meals plans don't help. They only confuse you, restrict you and make you feel obsessed, unbalanced, extreme and overwhelmed. Think about training..what if you were told that there was only one way to train and you had to do the same thing everyday. Oh, and everyone you know was going to do the same thing as well because there is only one way to do it correctly.

Flexibility and an open mind, along side an ability to customize training and nutrition allows freedom and a sense of balance.

I am constantly learning as a dietitian and exercise physiologist. As I launch my new business in T-minus 12 days, I have really enjoyed furthering my understanding of the human body and how it reacts to food and exercise. More so, I have really enjoyed working closely with Karel and discussing, in great detail, as to how our personal philosophy's on food and exercise will be displayed in my nutrition and coaching business. I believe that the best way to help others is to not believe there is a "RIGHT" way to do things but rather, keeping the process fun and enjoyable in order to allow a person to feel success in all areas of life...not just in diet or training.

I do not believe in meal plans and I do not believe writing pre-built endurance training plans. There are certain areas that I draw the line, knowing that there is not just one way of doing things, when it comes to changing dietary habits to support body composition changes or health gains OR to improve performance (or to cross an endurance finishing line).

What makes for a successful athlete or fitness enthusiast? In a few sentences, here's my list.....
-A diet balanced in quality protein, whole (unprocessed) grains, healthy fats and a rich amount of fibrous fruits and veggies.
-Water as primary fluid choice
-Healthy relationship with food
-Emphasizing whole foods as the bulk of the diet, prioritizing fruits/veggies as the foundation and focusing on the individual strengths/weaknesses in your diet to meet your individual goals
-Not having rules in your life but being OK with change
-Strength training 2-3 times per week, specific to sport, stability and muscle imbalances
-Quality approach to training
-Massage, visualization, compression and anything else that encourages proper recovery from exercise
-Consistency and enjoyment for diet and training
-Proper sleep on most nights of the week
-Stress management
-Surrounding yourself with people who give you energy, not take it away from you