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Ironman World Championship airs TODAY!!!

"You learn you can do your best even when it's hard, even when you're tired and maybe hurting a little bit. It feels good to show some courage. ~Joe Namath."

Ironman World Championship on NBC @ 4:30pm EST TODAY!

The broadcast of the NBC Kona Ironman never disappointments me. For I think for many of us, the viewing of this 90-minute hard-as-nails, ever-inspiring, oh-so-motivating event is the REASON that we aspire to cross a finish line after racing for 140.6 miles.

Regardless if you are an aspiring Ironman athlete or look forward to your first running or triathlon event, never, ever, EVER give up and always enjoy the journey.

Feel free to check out my race report from the Ironman World Championship if you happened to miss it back in October, starting with


HELP! Reconsidering a new decision on obesity

There is an ever-growing number of nutrition experts in our society. It doesn't surprise me that our society is getting more and more unhealthy as people take advice from self-proclaimed "helpers" to all nutrition-related problems.

If you haven't heard the news, there was a recent decision by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) that has really upset a lot of RD's. As a recently credentialed RD, who spent the last 3 years obtaining the necessary accredited coursework and hours to sit for the National Registered Dietitian exam, it saddens me that RDs are not included in Obesity Therapy, under this new decision.

Feel free to write to your members of Congress and tell them to urge CMS to reconsider its recent decision that excludes RDs from direct billing and limits services to the primary care setting.

After reading this article that commercial weight loss programs are more effective (and cheaper) than doctor-based services for weight loss, I immediately signed this petition
Please do the same and pass along the word. This decision may not affect you directly, but it will affect the health status of our nation and likely, it will impact someone that you know.

A little about the petition:
In the recent decision memorandum by CMS regarding Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity (CAG-00423N) the agency determined that potentially lifesaving ...preventive services for Obesity COULD ONLY be furnished by primary care providers in the primary care setting. As a result, CMS has eliminated the most qualified providers, notably Registered Dietitians (RDs), along with clinical psychologists and other specialists who have been able to produce the best results for patients. The decision prevents this group from directly billing for services and from providing services outside of primary care, and limits access for older patients to qualified professionals that would help manage chronic disease.

BTW - if you haven't LIKED my facebook page Trimarni coaching and nutrition, please do so and pass around the page. I really enjoy keeping everyone updated with breaking research and news, especially in terms of exercise and nutrition.

to keep your tummy happy, here's the rest of my meal that was created with my fabulously delicious tempeh egg roll wrappers that I posted the other day.

I sauteed the following in a large pot for about 15-20 minutes on low heat as I assembled my wrappers.

2 large zucchini (sliced thin)
2 large squash (sliced thin)
1 large green pepper (sliced)
1 medium onion (sliced)
1 container fresh mushrooms
3-4 cloves garlic
Pepper, chili spice and parsley
Olive oil
Balsamic dressing

1. In a large pot on medium heat, I drizzled about 2 tbsp olive oil over veggies (first 6 ingredients) and gave them a toss.
2. I let the veggies cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking and added about 2-3 tbsp water to prevent browning.
3. I then turned down the heat to low, covered, and added seasonings (to taste) as well as a light drizzle of balsamic.
4. I stirred gently and let veggies cook for another 10 minutes (stirring occasionally).

*For lunch the next day:
a bed of spinach w/ 1 serving brown rice w/ leftover veggie mixture (it makes a lot!). I also had chickpeas w/ my greek yogurt topping (leftover from the tempeh wrappers, which was greek yogurt 0% plain w/ a little spicy mustard and a little curry powder). I then sliced up some fresh part-skim mozzarella cheese and topped the veggies with sunflower seeds.


Biggest Loser and desire to be a RD

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”
-George Sheehan

I recently read a blog post about the Biggest Loser show, which was posted on facebook by the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Thinking back a few years ago, I remember writing a similar post (yet not as detailed) on the Biggest Loser show. I have not watched the show since 2009 but I assume that not a lot has changed and if anything, it has likely gotten worse in terms of more dramatic weight loss, more sponsors and more yelling....I am only making an assumption because this is likely what people want to see and the Biggest Loser show is open to anything to gain more attention.

I do not like to waste my energy on issues that I can not directly control. As an educator, however, I have knowledge and licensed ability to offer nutrition advice to those seeking weight loss/maintenance and performance changes. Therefore, I believe that my voice is most useful for inspiring others to make balanced choices on a daily basis and to get excited about food for fuel and for wholesome nutrition.

One thing that I love about blogging is the ability to go back to old posts and re-read my thoughts at one point in time. Amazingly, as my journey with food and exercise continues on with no finish line in sight, many of my personal views with how we choose to live our life (in terms of food and exercise) have not changed.

I wanted to share two posts that oddly enough, were written TO THE DAY, 2 years apart. The first being my decision to go back to school to become a RD. Yes, as you can see, that was 4 years ago!!! The other post was written about the Biggest Loser show, just 2 years ago in this point, I had not started (or been accepted into) a dietetic internship and still had less than a year left before I was able to apply for internships.

Life is a journey. I was taught at a very young age by my amazingly supportive and wonderful parents, that everything in life requires hard work and the ability to not want to give up. You can not be afraid of the length of time it takes to complete something because the focus must be on the person you will become throughout the journey..not necessarily on what you will be like at the end.

I'm not sure if I want my blog readers to hold me accountable but I decided to talk about my decision to go back to school. I've been wanting to be a registered dietitian for the past 2 years and it wasn't until my last semester of graduate school (6 weeks before the stressful exit exams to graduate) that I questioned what I would do in my life. I love exercise physiology and anything science/medical but the subject of nutrition really fascinated me. During my Junior year of college I decided to read about nutrition and how be healthy as an athlete. Being a vegetarian and a swimmer in college was becoming tough and I felt rather heavy for my small frame. I just didn't know how to eat healthy as a vegetarian and in my mind, cheese, pasta, pizza and more cheese was the plan for fueling my 20 hours of swimming a week. I collected a library of nutrition books and just started reading. Although I wasn't concerned about losing weight, my old habits were out the door and so were the extra pounds I was carrying. During my senior year my healthy body was feeling great and I decided to run cross country (which was my first experience with running fast) in addition to swimming. When I graduated college, I knew that eating healthy was my new lifestyle and haven't gone back since. I don't see food as bad or good but I definitely emphasize certain foods in my diet. I love it all from thin crust pizza, bread, yogurt ice cream, nuts and more bread but being in control of what and how much I eat has really allowed me to enjoy nutrition as a competitive athlete. After aspiring to be a pro triathlete for the past year, my goals have changed and I find so much joy in helping people with their nutrition. I was never after the pro status for the money but I always seek avenues to getting my name out to the world in order to help as many people possible. I can't tell you how many clinics, articles and advice I have give for no fee and I will continue to offer my free services as long as need be While my exercise physiology background has given me the tools to understand research, speak and write professionally and understand the body during exercise I am finding that I just don't have the connections that I need to be that sports nutritionist that I am aspiring to be one day. I have decided that this is the time for me to continue my education and become a registered dietitian. I am enrolling in courses at St.Pete college (Undergraduate, non-degree seeking student) for the spring and I will be taking online courses at an accredited online university in the summer. I was accepted to UNC (colorado) last summer when I applied and I decided that I would go ahead and start the program this summer. In a couple years (after I fulfill the requirements and complete the internship) I can take the exam and hopefully have the R.D. after my name. I am excited to learn new information and becoming a better nutritionist but my philosophy and ideas about sports nutrition will always be the same. I believe in helping people with their nutrition so that it becomes a lifestyle and performance improves because the body is using the right fuels at the right time. Thank goodness for my master degree because I think I would struggle with nutrition if I didn't know what the body was doing under stress during exercise. I am not sure where I will end up after I finish my degree but as a sports nutritionist in the multi-sport world I can guarantee that I will write a book dedicated to triathletes, cyclists and runners who see overall nutrition as the missing link in their training program. Oh-and I am sure I'll have a smoothie cook book out as well :) And for my blogger readers, don't worry....I would never stop my triathlon training. Perhaps Ironman may have to wait a year but who knows....I am too in love with swim, bike, run to hold back any bit of energy that I have.
Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

I've watched every episode of Biggest Loser this season. I typically catch up on my DVR'd shows on the weekend, as I relax after my enjoyable long weekend workouts. I know there are a lot of die-hard Biggest Loser fans out there but I don't mind waiting 4 days to see who is "not the next biggest loser".
My favorite show right now is Top Chef and in a close second, I'm really enjoying this new show called Chopped on the Food network and Chef Academy on Bravo. Come to think of it, I love every cooking show but nothing beats Top Chef.
As I watch Biggest Loser, I keep a very open mind. I think there is a lot more that I don't agree with during this season, compared to other seasons, and because of it I am really worried about the general public who watches the show. At the beginning of the season I wanted to blog about what I didn't like about each episode but as my notes exceeded two pages as I watched each show, I figured my blogs would take forever to read.
I try to not get too offended when I see TV personalities giving out nutrition and exercise information. As you know, I am not a registered dietitian but I am well on my way to getting those two letters behind my last name. I feel confident with my coaching abilities because of my extensive graduate education in Exercise Physiology. As far as nutrition, I have successfully completed the required dietetic courses for a dietetic verification statement to apply for accredited dietetic internships. I have been really involved with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) for the past 4 years and I hold a certification in Sports Nutrition by the ISSN. This is a very difficult certification to obtain and you must have a formal education in exercise science in order to sit in for the certification exam. Just recently, as you know, I wanted to learn more about weight management so I decided to travel to Denver, CO. for the American Dietetic Association Adult Weight Management certification course which included a pass/fail pre-test (before you could attend the conference), followed by a pass/fail post-test after the conference. There's no need for me to brag about my certifications and education because there are many other people out there with way more credentials than I could ever afford. Yes-these credentials come with a hefty price. I am not jealous of others who have 5+ credentials behind their names but I am more inspired to continue to learn as much as I can in order to try to keep up with the most current research available to professionals. I really appreciate all of my blog readers for inspiring and motivating me to help others and to continue to pursue my dreams, goals and ambitions as I continue this long educational journey. I pray that I don't decide to pursue my PhD because I can only imagine my life as I dive into another 4 years of formal education.
The reason why I talk about these credentials is because it is very important for the people in your life, which you trust to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals, have the right education to keep you motivated with realistic health and fitness suggestions. There are a lot of people out there who have exceptional speaking and writing skills but lack the formal education to allow them to be a "professional" in their field of choice. Then again, there are many people who have the credentials but are very strong-minded in their opinions and have an all-or-nothing approach to health and wellness. Often, confusing and misleading the consumer.
I think it is very important that we realize that the "professionals" we see on a weekly basis on the Biggest Loser are not trained in nutrition or fitness. Sure, one of the two trainers has two certifications in fitness but anyone can get a certification in personal training. Back a few years ago I had a few personal training certifications from AFAA and IFPA. I think I payed between $150-$300, attended a one day or three day course and then passed the exam. I thought my certification was appropriate because my under grad major was exercise science and I felt really qualified in my field once I was certified. But, it didn't land me on a talk show or TV program.
I think it is great that there are many dedicated professionals out there who want to learn more about personal training (or are currently fitness professionals and want an additional certification) but a certification is quite different from a formal education such as an undergraduate degree, masters degree, PhD or registered dietitian degree. But then again, it is never too late to obtain a formal education if you really want to learn more about your true passion.
If you go to the Biggest Loser main website, you can find out more about the Biggest Loser Staff.
There is a team of 8 people who help out with the Biggest Loser contestants.
There is a Registered Dietitian, two personal chefs, a certified athletic trainer, a clinical psychologist, two Medical Doctors and a physician. It looks like the Biggest Loser contestants are in great hands there on the Biggest Loser campus.
As for the rest of us, who just watch the show for inspiration and a few great exercise and nutrition tips, we have learned that we should eat Lara bars for snacks, use zipp lock bags, eat Subway, drink Brita water and chew Extra Sugar Free gum to curb cravings. Oh yeah, we have also learned that in order to lose weight we must be screamed at, pushed beyond our limits (unless you die you probably aren't pushing hard enough) and must overcome our inner demons which are causing us to fear the success of weight loss.
Tonight you are going to see dramatic results. Biggest Loser will not disappoint us, that's for sure. However, it is important that we all realize that the Biggest Losers have a team of qualified personnel to jump start a dramatic weight loss program. After 12 weeks on the ranch and 60 days at home, the contestants are now competing for $250,000. Sounds like a good incentive to be 100% committed to a lifestyle of healthy eating and disciplined exercise.
As I was reading the bio's of the Biggest Loser team, I started to think about the life of an Olympic triathlete (or any Olympic athlete for that matter). There is typically a chef to prepare healthy meals and registered dietitian to ensure that the meals meet the athlete's daily needs. There is a psychologist to help overcome fears or negative thoughts. There is a coach to provide workouts. A trainer or massage therapist to prevent or heal injuries and perhaps several other teams members to keep each other motivated and inspired.
In my mind, the Biggest Loser Contestants are trained athletes competing for the big day....aka, the big weigh in. If the hard work pays off, the purse prize is worth every sweat, tear and obstacle. But for the many people sitting on the couch as they watch the show tonight, typically eating (hopefully healthy foods, but I've heard from many people that pizza and biggest loser go quite well together), it is important that you realize that the Biggest Loser Contestants have created a lifestyle, supported by trained professionals, which supports their quest to be the next Biggest Loser winner.
As you watch the finale tonight, remember that your weight loss and/or fitness goals need to be realistic. Depending on your lifestyle, your support system, your personal goals, your income, your job responsibilities you have the rest of your life to lose weight. However, let it start today. Although there are lots of books out there, from fitness experts who want you to eat this and not eat this, in order to reach your goal weight in 6 weeks, listen to the qualified experts and stick to a plan that works for your lifestyle. If you have an unrealistic exercise routine, or a strict diet regime, which is going to help you achieve your "goal" weight, ask yourself if your unrealistic weight and fitness goals will allow you to truely enjoy life and your eating and exercise routine. Remind yourself that you are not competing for $250,000 and likely, you can't afford a team of 10 qualified professionals to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. However, you CAN start to enjoy life by learning to love nutritious food. You CAN stick to a realistic exercise routine so long as you don't set your expectations too high and start slow. You CAN lose weight to help you get to a healthy weight so long as you make healthy changes which are long-lasting. And most of all, you CAN keep reading my blog because I hope to help you learn to love the value of food and exercise and all of the wonderful things that a healthy and balanced lifestyle can bring into your life.


Tempeh Egg Roll - tastes like a restaurant???

On Friday evening, Karel, Campy and me were making our 3 1/2 hour drive down south to visit my parents in the Tampa Bay area. I always enjoy talking to Karel about his youth, while growing up in Czech Republic. Karel has lived in the US for a good chunk of his adult life but after meeting Karel in 2006, I suppose I helped "Americanize" him by introducing him to wonderful things like peanut butter.

Karel mentioned that his mother just finished baking several batches of holiday cookies. Although his mom always makes gingerbread cookies, these cookies are not your typical sugar-coated "Christmas" cookies. I can't even describe the work that goes into making these cookies as she makes dozens and dozens (for weeks and weeks), all hand made, with a touch of love and holiday traditions. If you can't tell already, we absolutely LOVE this gift of love, all the way from the Czech Republic. Sadly, however, getting mail to and from the Czech Republic is not as easy as it once was so while she will likely send the cookies this week, we probably won't get them until sometime in January. Typically a bit crushed in the mail, the cookies always taste amazingly great and we cherish each and every bite and crumb.

After salivating over the anticipated cookie order, Karel mentioned something very interesting as we were talking. He told me how disrespectful it would be to tell someone that his/her food tastes like restaurant-style.

Thinking back to a holiday party, event or any food-centered function, how many times have you (or have you heard), someone tell you "Wow - this tastes so good, just like it was from a restaurant!" Rather than crediting the home-cook that likely put in a lot of love into the meal, we (American's) are quick to relate "good food" with "restaurant" style.

Karel mentioned that in Czech, you always want to credit the cook. If you were in a restaurant, it would be polite to say "Wow, this tastes homemade!".

Just another fun fact by living with a European who has opened my eyes to a better way of eating, viewing and being around food.

On Monday evening, I really out-did myself. Surprising myself that my creation tasted SO YUMMY, I couldn't wait to show Karel our dinner when he came home from work. Always a surprise to Karel, my 35-40 minutes in the kitchen, produced an eye-stopping (or at least, for me and Karel) and belly satisfying dinner.

Next time you are in the kitchen, be proud of your creation and the time you spent preparing the meal. Don't see that time as a waste for it is a necessity in your journey of developing a healthy relationship with food. As a society, "restaurant-style" eating ranks supreme when talking about food. Let's change that. Let your family (or friends at work) see your beautiful creation and be proud to show it off. Don't talk about calories or how little grams of whatever are in the dish but rather, describe the ingredients and how it makes you feel when you cook and then eat your final creation. Don't forget....the best nutrition for your body is found within a meal, not on a food label. Be proud of your wholesome creation!

Tempeh Egg Roll
Nasoya Egg Roll Wrappers
1 package Tempeh (garden/vegetable flavored)
Cucumber (chopped without skin)
Carrots (Sliced thin or buy shredded carrots)
Spinach (chopped)
Chives (chopped)
Olive oil

1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
2. Chop tempeh into thin slices.
3. In large skillet, rub olive oil on both sides of tempeh. Cook on medium heat until golden on both sides.
4. While tempeh is cooking, chop/prepare plate of veggies.
5. On a non-stick baking dish, place egg roll wrappers (1-2 per person).
6. Smear a little hummus and top with veggie toppings.
7. Top with tempeh and fold like an envelope (do not overstuff) or according to package. Wet the edges with water to help with folding/sticking.
8. Back for 10-12 minutes or until wrapper begins to bubble or turn golden brown.

*Best to serve with a side of mixed veggies or a cold colorful salad.
*I made a "topping" to go along with the roll which consisted of greek yogurt, spicy mustard (about 2 tsp) and a pinch of curry powder.

-For vegans, you could use Kale leaves instead of the Egg roll and for a Raw dish, use Kale leaves and just wrap and consume.


Product review - winter training gear

A lot of athletes have been emailing me about training in the cold. Today in Florida, we have a high of 79 degrees. On Thursday, our high is in the mid 50's and low is 39. Although we don't get snow days here in the south, we certainly get a taste of what it feels like to train in winter temperatures.

In the Dec 2011 issue of Consumer Reports on Health there was a great article titled "Heat up your winter workouts". One thing that has advanced tremendously in the past few years, is the number of reputable companies that offer quality "winter" gear. Just like training in the heat, proper clothing is essential in keeping you comfortable as you exercise or train.

According to the article, January is usually when people in the U.S. exercise the least, according to the 2010 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. But according to the American College of Sports Medicine, you can burn up to 40% more calories while exercising when it's cold.

A few tips in improving your cold weather workout:
**Note, not all tips will be applicable to your specific training routine but rather, for the average individual who is is exercising in the cold

1) Layer up: During exercise, your body uses 20-30% of its energy for movement, with the remaining 70-80% released as heat. To retain that warmth, wear clothes in layers that can be loosened or removed to regulate your temperature. To avoid overheating, dress so that you feel slightly chilly at first. For your innermost layer, choose synthetic underwear made of materials like polypropylene or Thermax, which draw perspiration away from your skin and toward the next layer. For your middle layer, add warmth, not bulk, with merino wool sweaters and lightweight fleece jackets. Turtlenecks are a good choice, since they can lock in heat. Top your layers with a breathable, water-repellent shell. Look for a jacket with a vent flap on the upper back and underarm zippers to help keep your middle layer dry.

2) Shield your extremities
They suffer in cold weather because your body reacts to it by reducing blood flow to the surface of the skin to protect vital organs. To stay keep your head warm: at least 40% of your body's heat loss occurs through the scalp. Minimize this by wearing a wind-resistant cap. If your face gets cold, cover with a fleece or wool scarf or a bandanna. protect ears with earmuffs or a thick headband.
*Note: it is recommended to NOT wear multiple socks when riding your bike in the cold. For proper circulation to the toes, it is recommend to buy a quality pair of shoe covers/booties to keep the wind from hitting the toes.

3) Hydrate
Dehydration remains a concern. In addition to sweating, your body loses moisture as it humidifies the cold air your inhale.
Here's a recent article I did on staying hydrated in the winter:
Plates Not Pills: Water : LAVA Magazine

Product Review - Winter gear

Louis Garneau SF-2 Base Layer

Wearing a base layer is highly recommended while biking or with any activity when wind and cold has the opportunity to hit your chest or upper body. According to Real website, this base layer is designed with super-soft Supra Filo 2 material. The SF-2 wicks sweat so you stay cool during hot summer rides and warm during chilly winter rides.
Karel's favorite base layer clothing include:
Louis Garneau SF-2 Base Layer
SF-2 Plastron Base Layer - Long-Sleeve

If anyone knows a thing or two about winter gear, it's
Gretchen Bleiler .
When I was picked to be an Oakley Women Ambassador in June of this year, I had no idea what was in my future. With a campaign encouraging women to perform beautifully, a quality sunglasses line that not only protect your eyes (better than any other sunglasses available) but are comfortable and a must-have to any training, fitness, lifestyle, exercise assemble and a fantastic line of clothing to keep me comfortable and stylish when moving my body, I absolutely love my new Oakley Women family (and all the ambassadors!).
I met Gretchen in Napa and she was so down to earth and easy to talk to. It was neat hearing how she trains for snowboarding and what she enjoys doing in her "off season". She is a true ambassador for the clothing line as she absolutely embraces what it means to perform beautifully.

A wonderful surprise was waiting at my doorstep on Friday and as I continue to search for snow in order to sport my new gear, I must share the following pieces of clothing with you, in an effort to open your eyes to the most comfortable winter gear that I have EVER put on! Oh, and it all looks so cute..especially when it is 80-degrees outside and I am modeling clothes for Campy :)

Oakley Women Gretchen Bleiler collection


GB Flannel
(MY FAVORITE piece!! From the website:
Tapering out from its empire waist, this flannel shirt has a babydoll-inspired fit. A patch pocket and pleats add personality to the GB FLANNEL. Its polyester pulls moisture to the surface where it evaporates quickly to help keep you dry.)

GB Favorite Shell Pants

GB Layer Sweater


Personalized mesh harness
Although this next product is not "winter" focused, I wanted to share Campy's new harness as he loves it MUCH better than his last one.


Seeing that is no fun to run in the heat (even for a dog), Campy is loving his daily walk/runs with the cooler temps. I found Campy's harness at our local pet store (Petmart) but when looking it up online, I came across this personalized harness, which I thought was a great idea! Certainly, if you were crafty enough you could personalize it yourself, but I think that having a name and number (easy to read unlike on a dog collar tag) is a great idea in the case of a dog being lost and a possible rescuer afraid to get close to the dog.


Forks Over Knives

Karel finally shaved his 'stache after raising over $530 for men's health and prostate cancer. So proud of Karel for his effort in raising awareness..but SUPER happy he has a clean face!

On Saturday afternoon, after a 4 hour group ride with the Gearlink team and Karel (gotta love those LSD rides with a few quick intervals) Karel and my family watched
Forks Over Knives. I highly recommend this movie for several reasons.

As a dietitian, I am proud to see a movie encouraging a more plant-strong diet. In a society where food companies are out for profit, not for health, sadly, there is little money to be made by endorsing fruits and veggies (Ex. when was the last time you saw a fruit and veggies commercial??) from lobbyists and those who want to make money and keep their jobs.

As you know I am not a believer that everyone must be a vegetarian. I am a strong supporter of a more wholesome diet, filled with foods that our body knows exactly what to do with when consumed.

The movie re-opened my eyes as to why I am a proud lacto-ovo vegetarian (for the past 18 years for animal reasons). But as a clinical dietitian, who works closely with ill patients in the hospital, I value my health more than well as the health of others.

It is very easy to simply tell you what to NOT to eat as that is a "quick" fix that much of our population is seeking. Because our food industry is ridiculously confusing, people are seeking advice (not necessarily from the qualified experts) as to what NOT to eat because that would just be the easiest way to "get healthy and lose weight".

The movie simply puts it out there that we can reverse and prevent disease by consuming a more plant based diet, filled with fruits, grains and vegetables. As for animal protein such as meat, fish, dairy, milk and eggs, those foods are claimed to encourage cancer growth and promote disease.

I personally have a strong stand for calcium in the diet, primarily from animal protein. However, I would never pass on the opportunity to help someone in reviewing diet logs or addressing nutritional deficiencies and tell a person what to eat because of my own personal views and beliefs when it comes to the food that we put into our body. When it comes to health AND/OR performance, I believe health first, performance second. When health is in control, performance gains will likely be reached.

When it comes to providing information to change the way we eat (as a society but more so, for your individual needs), it is VERY important that you find a balanced way of eating in order to encourage a healthy relationship with food. Because of the steady growth of eating disorders in the past two decades (among ALL ages, but primarily children under the age of 18) and the number of strong-minded individuals (you likely read those blogs or FB posts)that speak about "BAD food" and "OFF limit food" or tell you WHAT NOT to eat without even knowing your personal history OR BEING REGISTERED/LICENSED TO PROVIDE NUTRITIONAL ADVICE to "make you healthy and reduce chronic disease risk" I strongly recommend that when you watch this movie, that you keep a very open mind.

You will absolutely be inspired to make dietary habits. You will likely want to recommend this movie to others as I am doing to you today. However, if you are considering making changes in your diet, it is recommended to talk with your physician and dietitian to truly understand your body and what it is you can be doing to improve health, control/manage/lose weight and/or feel better on a daily basis.

I recently read a fantastic blog review of Forks Over Knives. But before you read the review, I'd like to share a recent article as you likely know by now, that I try very hard to keep up with current research and to always keep an open mind when I share/provide information with you, my blog readers.
According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Dec 2, 2011, Vol CCL VIII No. 130) called "Scientists' elusive goal: reproducing study results", "when Bayer tried to replicate results of 67 studies published in academic journals, nearly two-third failed (64.2% were not replicated).
Two years ago, a group of Boston researchers published a study describing how they had destroyed cancer tumors by targeting a protein called STK33. Scientists at a biotechnology firm Amgen Inc. quickly pounced on the idea and assigned two dozen researchers to try to repeat the experiment with a goal of turning the findings into a drug.
It proved to be a waste of time and money. After 6 months of intensive lab work, Amgen found it couldn't replicate the results and scrapped the project.......
This is one of medicine's dirty secrets: Most results, including those that appear in top flight peer-reviewed journals, cannot be reproduced.
"It's a very serious and disturbing issue because it obviously misleads people" who implicitly trust findings published in a respected peer-reviewed journal, says Bruce Alberts, editor of Science.

Drug manufacturers rely heavily on early-stage academic research and can waste millions of dollars on products if the original results are later shown to be unreliable. There is also a more insidious and pervasive problem; a preference for positive results.

Unlike pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers rarely conduct experiments in a "blinded" manner. This makes it easier to cherry-pick statistical findings that support a positive result. In the quest for jobs and funding, especially in an era of economic malaise, the growing army of scientists need more successful experiments to their name, not failed ones.

"Among the more obvious yet unquantifiable reasons, there is immense competition among laboratories and a pressure to publish," wrote Dr. Asadullah and others from Bayer, in their September paper. "There is also a bias toward publishing positive results as it is easier to get positive results accepted in good journals".

-The number of scholarly journals world-wide:
8,086 in 1970
31,758 in 2011
"Dr. Begley suggests that academic scientists like drug companies should perform more experiments in a "blinded" manner to reduce any bias toward positive findings. Otherwise, he says, "there is a human desire to get the results your boss wants you to get".
Adds Atlas' Mr. Booth: "Nobody gets a promotion from publishing a negative study".
Even information published in reputable journals, should still be questioned.

Here's the review
Forks Over Knives Review.

As a blog writer, published writer, speaker, vegetarian, endurance athlete and lover of life, I am not here to be the "bad" one NOR am I out to be the "popular one". My goal in life is not only to practice what I preach, but I find it important to not allow my personal biases (ex. how I choose to live my life) to help others reach performance, weight and personal life goals. Through my extensive educational career alongside my desire to reach goals in my athletic life, I appreciate your support in following my blog as I know there are thousands of blogs available for you to read as well as advice from others that seems great but perhaps, isn't always the best (or most practical) method possible in reducing risk for disease and living a balanced and quality-filled life.

"Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness."
- modified from : Edward Stanley (1826-1893) from The Conduct of Life