A Quick Sport Nutrition Tip

Nutrient timing is important to seeing gains in performance, positive changes in body composition and improvements in overall health. Don't sabatoge a training session by working out without a balanced pre-training snack. You may not think you need one so consider your mood, cravings and eating habits (ex. overeating) and fatigue level later in the day. More often than not, a pre training snack will keep blood sugar levels consistent throughout the workout, may elevate energy expenditure after the workout, will help get you in the mood to train, will help you feel energized throughout the entire workout and will keep you from dreaming of food during your workout. The snack and timing will likely vary depending on the person, workout (intensity/duration) and environmental conditions/terrain. Keep it simple and work your way up in calories as well as macronutrient distribution (carb + pro/fat) in order to find the perfect pre-training snack for your most intense and/or longest workouts of the week. Should you work out on an empty stomach? I've seen positive results in some, including myself, however most athletes do not have the daily diet under control in order to benefit from "fat-burning" on an empty stomach. Therefore, do not sabatoge a workout by trying to "get through" those tough workouts. More often than not, most athletes struggle getting in and staying in that extra gear during intervals or more intense/long workouts. This is often at the cost of not prioritizing training nutrition, particularly the timing and composition (or lack thereof) of proper pre and during (and post) training nutrition. Therefore, as you drink your coffee and water prior to your workout, never overlook the importance of an energy-boosting, pre-training snack.

Need a little tweaking in the daily diet for beneficial body composition changes and important improvements in overall health or need a little help with your "sports nutrition" to take your training/fitness routine to the next level?

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Happy Training...and eating!