Did you see this yet?

June just came and went. Whewww...what a month!
Hopefully you are enjoying mid-summer and finding yourself moving closer to your goals.

In case you missed it...

My latest Iron Girl Column on Planning a Healthy Event.

Karel made us homemade pizza (dough from grocery store) on 4th of July with sauteed spinach, garlic and onions (just like his mom would make back in Czech when he was a young boy).
The pizza was delicious - he made 1 personal pan pizza (glass casserole dish) and LOTS of spinach. The pizza had veggie meat, corn, onions, garlic, marinara sauce and tomatoes. YUMMO!

On Saturday night, I made a yummy dinner. On top of spinach - sauteed veggies (yellow bell pepper, eggplant, peas, mushrooms, purple cabbage and onions) in olive oil, mixed with wild rice. Another YUMMO!

My latest Plate Not Pills Column from Lava Magazine on pyridoxine (check on my zippy cabbage slaw creation on the left side link).

Campy looking cute - like always.
Is there a way to bottle this up so I can always have this cuteness with me?

And, in case you missed this awesome issue of Fitness Magazine, you can check out the Fitness Fix project on pg 61 and 62 with a few of my quotes and suggestions on how I helped Weng boost her energy and lose weight healthfully.

And in the August issue of REAL SIMPLE (2012, pg 44), how cool are these BPA-free expandable containers to hold veggies or to keep crackers and cereal from crumbling in a baggie? Great stuff from Aladdin-pmi

Lastly, check out the New Releases from Oakley Women HERE. I'm a bit on the excited side that my
FAVORITE sunglasses for training and racing (Commit SQ) are available in many different colors. I love my white ones but these are super cute!