Super simple lifestyle tips - really, just that simple!

Thanks Northwest Mutual for having me speak today about a topic that I am so passionate about..healthful living! If you are interested in me speaking to your company/business, send me an email. My power points are always very entertaining and fun to watch - your group will never get bored, I promise!

Hopefully I can get the video uploaded soon so I can share with everyone..it was a great group and the talk went great!

So, I had a fantastic blog written but my computer decided to clear it all and now it is time for bed so without wasting my energy on something that is now out of my control, I'm going to go snuggle with Campy to make me feel happy again.

To get you motivated for a brand new day tomorrow, I leave you with this (below) as I conclude a jam-packed day today
.......which I will re-blog tomorrow after I do my swim and strength workout in the early morning and then help to teach the Diabetes Class at Baptist Medical Center Beaches later in the day.

My 8 simple tips for healthy living....no "dieting" involved...focus on the lifestyle and the journey. It's just that simple!
  1. Have a mindful eating plan
  2. Be consistent with exercise
  3. Develop a positive food and body vocabulary
  4. Appreciate food for nutritional value, not just calories
  5. Welcome change by relying on the power of goal setting
  6. Work on sleep, stress and attitude management
  7. Prioritize real food
  8. Focus on YOUR needs – live for a better tomorrow