Happy pancake day!

Happy Pancake day!
Here are two of my pancake creation recipes that I think you will enjoy:
blueberry pancakes
On Monday morning I was super excited to head to Winn Dixie to meet Melanie to do a segment on healthy grocery shopping. We had a lot of fun navigating through the aisles with our camera-man. The segment will be on tomorrow along with me (live) showing my homemade raw energy bar recipe and how to be a more healthful shopper. Stay tuned on my Facebook page for the link when it is on the web and I will share on my blog also.

I had so much fun this morning! I spoke with a large group of 8th graders who were at Baptist Medical Center Beaches for "career" day. Our hospital had a lot of cool gadgets and robots for the kids to try-out and I was asked to talk to the kids about careers as a dietitian. I was really excited to share with them my journey in becoming a RD (as it was a looooong one) and all the cool jobs (careers) you can have with the RD credential. A lot of the kids were excited about sports and medicine so that was helpful when I spoke about being a clinical RD and a triathlon coach who specializes in sport nutrition. I also brought in my 5 Ironman medals along with several of my magazine articles and I think they really enjoyed hearing about the many different things you can do when you are in a field that you love and one that allows you to help others live a healthier lifestyle.

Tomorrow is my talk at the Trek Store for Tri night. I am so excited about this talk...another busy day but I wouldn't want it any other day. Time to make some raw energy bars and get myself ready for swim/strength in the am, LIVE segment on News4Jax and then speaking in the evening.

Another reason why I love food being used for fuel...my lifestyle would not survive if I didn't get good sleep and keep my body nourished. I have no time or energy to be sick or feel fatigued.

Hope you are having a great week!