Off to SoCal with Oakley Women!

Shape Magazine hand selected 200 women who entered a contest online to join Oakley Women at the first ever VIP Oakley Progress Sessions in San Diego, California. Ladies - there's still time to enter for Denver and Dallas! Find out more HERE. I can't tell you how much my life has changed because of Oakley Women. It's not about the free gear or amazing free trips but instead, opportunities to expand my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle and most importantly, share it with other like-minded women. There's nothing I love more than a confident, get-after-it woman who doesn't have can't in her vocabulary. When I am with Oakley Women (staff, ambassadors and others), I am always inspired and I leave motivated and even more determined to share my passion with the world.

Yoga, Boot Camp, swag, interviews, nutrition workshop.....this one-day event is packed with activities and fun and I am so excited to share this first-ever experience with 200 amazing ladies.
I fly out this morning to San Diego and I come home Saturday. A quick trip that will be packed with memories.

I am so excited to speak about my passion for developing a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle and here are my top tips that I will be speaking about at the event (along with handing out one of my yummy energy bar/ball creations).
Trimarni tips for an active and healthy lifestyle
1) Develop a mindful eating plan.
2) Train smarter to train harder.
3) Develop a positive relationship with food and the body.
4) Welcome change by relying on the power of goal setting.
5) Think beyond diet and exercise: work on sleep, stress and attitude management.
6) Prioritize a real food diet.
7) Adapt to training stress with nutrient timing and sport nutrition