Interested in a Trimarni Kit - time to place your custom order!

I was so excited to mail out the first ever custom order of the Trimarni Tri/Run tops and bottoms last month after many weeks of waiting for them to arrive!

As mentioned in my November blog article when first announcing the first-ever Trimarni kit, the passion behind creating this kit was to give people an awesome-looking outfit as they proudly used, moved and challenged their bodies in an active and healthy lifestyle. No sponsors listed, no overwhelming colors or designs. Pink or black - take your pick.
Karel designed the Trimarni Kit based on our number 1 goal which was to create an outfit to promote my business...a business that is dedicated to help others live a more balanced healthy and active lifestyle. I am not here for a popularity contest but instead, to help change lives. We wanted a a kit that has a meaning behind it and will be used for a purpose......to be worn by active and healthy bodies, who love crossing finishing lines or challenging their bodies with exercise.
You can read more about the graphic on my website but we wanted to create a custom graphic that would encourage athletes to dream big. With the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii as the event that gets active individuals interested in competitive sports and motivates athletes to never stop giving up on dreams, a Hawaiian flower with a tribal look was the perfect graphic for our jersey. 
I am always excited to hear about how others choose to use their healthy body and of course, seeing those bodies in action is priceless!
Ryan R at Ocala HITS Olympic distance tri

Stefanie S. at Ocala HITS Olympic distance tri

My sport psychologist Gloria

Gloria's hubby Ken

Taffy at Ocala HITS Olympic distance tri


So, in addition to the tri/run top and bottoms, we have added a cycling jersey and cycling shorts!!! You asked for it - you shall receive!

If you are interested, check out the Trimarni SHOP for the full page of run/tri tops, cycling shorts and run/tri shorts.
Any questions - send me an email - trimarnicoaching@gmail.com
Disclaimer - This kit is designed to be worn during activity. Please use responsibly - wear while moving your body......not while laying around watching TV, on the computer (unless you are blogging/tweeting/emailing/facebooking about an awesome workout/race) or while complaining that you aren't good enough to be active. Love your body and use it. And look good doing it!