Oakley Women contract and kiwi avocado salsa

Ladies - how do you use your training gear? Do you put it on and go out shopping? Do you wear it to events? Do you worry about sweating in your training gear?

Let's be honest - you can absolutely care about how you look during exercise (it's true - if your race outfit matches your bike, you will bike faster! : )
but most importantly, you should care about how you feel during exercise. Sweating, laughing, legs-shaking, stretching.....when the workout is done you feel accomplished and worry more about what you got out of the workout than how you look in front of a mirror or around others.

If this does not pertain to you, likely you will not want to fill out the Oakley Women contract.

I have seen SO MANY amazing contracts posted by active women via social media and I couldn't wait to fill out my own contract. As an Oakley Women ambassador, I have learned how amazing it feels to not only feel great in your active wear but to also use it appropriately.

"My gear is for running, not running errands. My gear is exercising, not socializing. It's not carpool chic or grocery store casual. It was made for more than that. It was made for me." - Oakley Women
That's right Oakley Women - you nailed it!!!

We are not putting on clothing for a fashion contest or model search. We need clothing for sweating, for pushing our bodies and for finding out what we are made of.

I will use my gear to run across finish lines, not to stand in shopping lines.

What will you use your gear for?

If you are an active woman, ...sign your own contract and let everyone know how you use your training clothing and be entered to win a prize pack! Check out the Oakley Contract page and share #oakleywomencontract on twitter, instagram & Pinterest.

And after you fill out your contract - check out my delicious kiwi avocado salsa from my latest Ironman column.

(Pic on left from Ironman website, pic on right - my delicious homemade salsa)