Race ready for Ironman #6!

2006 IMFL - First Ironman
2007 Ironman World Championships  - 2nd Ironman

2009 IMKY - 3rd Ironman

2010 IMWI - 4th Ironman

2011 Ironman World Championship - 5th Ironman

TBA - Ironman Lake Placid July 28th, 2013

I have expressed how much I love the Ironman journey many times on this blog. But oh, how I LOVE Ironamn race week when I arrive to the racing venue. 

I absolutely love traveling and making memories with Karel. I am sad that this will be the first Ironman that my parents won't be watching but I know Campy is in great hands and is receiving lots of love this week. 

But this time around is extra special as my boyfriend, turned fiance turned hubby (from Ironman #1 until now) will be racing with me for the first time. 

He won't be cheering for me on the sidelines...

but instead we will be able to share the excitement, soreness, highs and lows together. 

Our bags are packed, traveling nutrition is ready and our bikes await us in Lake Placid. We are both very excited for this race and to share this experience together, alongside 2500+ athletes, volunteers and spectators. 

No matter the finish time, the finish place or what obstacles are thrown in our way, I am wishing for a safe and fun day on a very challenging course and I can't wait to share my race report when it is all over with on Sunday evening. 

And if you are wondering if Karel is ready and excited for his first IM? 

Here is the text message that he sent me this morning after his workout.