Campy's first photo shoot

One of the best things in life is being able to make memories. And when you can capture those moments with a camera, you will always have a way to remember those experiences with a photo.

In early October, Karel was approached by 904 Fitness Magazine (our local Jacksonville magazine) about being chosen as the Fittest Athlete of the Month. Karel wanted to share his special moment with me and I was excited for the opportunity to share a little bit more about Karel and his background.

But of course, Team Sumbal would not be complete without our furry little child, Campy!!

When Anthony (the creator of the magazine) told us that he wanted to incorporate Campy in the magazine photo shoot for our family shot, we could not have been more excited. Although we know Campy is already a famous doggy (he gets recognized wherever he goes!) he has never had his own photo shoot.

And since our life is more meaninful when we can make memories for and with Campy, I was so excited to make time for our photo op, which took place less than 24 hours before I flew to Kona for the 2013 Ironman World Championship.

It was a great honor to be featured in this magazine and for us to share our story. This was also the first time that Karel shared a bit of his background publicly for the first time. With the recent news of Karel helping me grow our business Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition and no longer working at Trek Bicycle store of Jacksonville, we are really looking forward to our new life, yet same lifestyle, of helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach personal health and fitness goals and to cross finish line. It was great to share our philosophy in the magazine as well as provide a little more info about us training together (and coaching each other) as endurance atheltes.

Karel has been super busy providing RETUL fits at Open Road Bicycles (Beach location) and keeping his bike mechanic skills fresh with a lot of pre-race valet tune-ups and with a full 2014 athlete roster, we are really excited to see what next year will bring.

We had so much fun during our photo session and I wanted to share some of the amazing pictures that Anthony took of us.

Campy had a blast and thought it was so cool to be able to run on the street without a leash. There were a few times when he would bark at Karel on his bike, chase a bird in the sky and decide to pee on every bush in his site but overall, I think we captured a few great moments.

For the hardcopy magazine, you can check them out locally at various locations. For online, here's the article:

Karel and Marni: 904s Fittest