2013 Trimarni recap

Another year means another chance to reflect. Here are a few of my most memorable moments from 2013.

But first, I want to say THANK YOU to all the Trimarni fans and followers for letting me share my passion for health, nutrition and fitness with you.

And for all my athletes and fitness enthusiasts, thank you for letting me enjoy the journey with you as you reached personal nutrition/body composition goals and crossed finish lines.

2014....I can't wait to live each and every day to the fullest!


I exchanged my goggles, compression and running shoes for Oakley women snow gear in Utah.

I have really enjoyed being on set for News4Jax. This has been a dream come true for me to be on TV and share my passion for food and public speaking. Melanie is so great to work with and I really enjoy our energy together.
For my TV segments you can find them on my PRESS page on my website.
There's never a shortage of Trimarni creations in our house and my heart-happy bars/balls were a hit all year. I created this recipe for my Heartwise TV segment but also used a similar recipe for three Oakley Women/Shape magazine events that I did in California, Colorado and Texas throughout the year. 


By now, you know I love to travel. I was so lucky to be able to go to so many awesome places this year thanks to Oakley Women.
Also, my amazing hubby loves to share life with me so for his first full season of triathlons, we were able to make a lot of memories together at races outside of Florida.

 Another highlight was seeing the first ever Trimarni Kit in real life. Karel did such an amazing job designing the kit and I can't wait to see the newest edition in the next few weeks!
In Jan, I celebrated 1 year of  being a small business owner and seeing my athletes wear the Trimarni kit at their races (using their body to cross finish lines) was the most amazing feeling all year long. I absolutely love being a coach and helping athletes reach personal goals. 


20 years of being a plant strong athlete was celebrated in April. I have also continued to celebrate over 6 years of not getting sick (no cold or flu) - thank you body!!!!

Not a day of life goes by without feeling so lucky that I get to enjoy my life with Karel. On two wheels we get to see a lot but in life, it's the experiences that we get to share together that make me feel so lucky to be alive and well. 


What a trip!!! Traveling to Czech Republic and visiting Karel's home in Znojmo was the highlight of the year. Karel had not been home in 12 years and it was so great to share this experience together. 
At the end of the month, I celebrated my 31st birthday which was also the day that Karel and I met on a group ride, in 2006. 


Campy was a great role model for us as we spent 10 weeks training specifically for IM Lake Placid. With 90 days of no running for me, I really used my mental coach, Gloria, to keep me moving forward and for not letting me give up on my goals. 

I really enjoyed sharing so many new experiences with Karel as I trained for my 6th IM and Karel trained for his first IM. 


It wasn't easy but we did it!!!


With my third Ironman World Championship on the horizon, there was no shortage of delicious creations to fuel my active body. 

I stayed rather busy in August, speaking events, my business, hospital work, writing articles.
But certainly, I am not complaining!


Keeping life balanced, there was no way I would miss Karel racing the HOT triathlon. And I could not have been more proud and excited to see Karel win his first race!!!
We also celebrated Karel's birthday this month and my brother got married!


What fun I had in Kona this year. Not only did I swim, bike and run my way to a PR in my 3rd IM world championship (10:37) but I was able to share my journey via social media (blogs, facebook, videos, instagram) and also make memories with my friend, mental coach and most amazing sherpa Gloria. 


Also, Karel and I celebrated 5 amazing years of marriage. I love being married to my best friend, teammate, bike mechanic, coach and biggest fan. 


Change can be good and change can  be scary. This month, Karel and I decided that we would focus 100% on growing the Trimarni business. This was an exciting time for us to work closer as a team to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world reach personal health and training goals.


What a year this has been. There was no way I could include everything which I guess is a good thing. 
There were many quotes in magazines, articles written, talks given, athletes coached, fitness enthusiasts to work with and lots of yummy food consumed. 

Karel and I could not be more excited to work with the most amazing group of athletes/dreamers/motivators in 2014. 

Oh and of course, many many many pictures of Campy. 

I hope everyone is looking forward to another year. Be sure to not waste a single day. 
Dream big, work hard and always enjoy the journey. 

Happy (almost) 2014!!!!