Fixie and Food for a FUN weekend

Leave it to Karel to "fix" himself another bike. Only this one doesn't have brakes and is fixed in one gear.

I don't know how these guys do it but on Saturday a handful of guys (and one female) lined up for the last fixie Time Trial of the year.

20 minutes - all out for Karel.
He said his legs haven't hurt this bad in a long time....not since racing bikes.  As a triathlete, he has to conserve his effort for if he smashes the bike then he won't have the gas in the tank for the run. I'm sure he enjoyed his leg-burning "race" alongside joining the group ride for a total of 57 miles on a fixie with his legs moving non-stop the entire time.
For my workout, I warmed up with a few guys and Karel for an hour and then did my own thing.
Main set:
6 x 5 min Z4 watts w/ 2 min EZ spin.
10 min EZ spin
5 x 1min on/1 min off (high cadence spin-ups on tired legs)
10 min EZ spin
5 x 1 min single leg drills (1 min each leg with other leg unclipped, sitting up, hands on bars), then 1 min both legs. Again, on tired legs to really make the glute muscles work.
Then cool down.
Total: 3 hours
I was super excited to sport my Czech jersey that I received from Karel's friend who owns a bike shop there, when we visited his hometown in Znojmo Czech Republic in May.
On Sunday, I had to use a few gift cards so Karel and I went to the Town Center for a little shopping. In the middle of the afternoon we were both getting rather hungry after a good post workout breakfast and then a light "lunch" snack so we opted for our favorite restaurant, Seasons 52.
Karel and I leave eating out for traveling so that we can really enjoy occasional eats but when there's a special occasion or just random time to really enjoy a restaurant meal, we LOVE (and I mean LOVE), Seasons 52.
Every season, they have a new selection of specials. Right now they are wrapping up the Autumn season and will be showcasing Winter in a few days.
For starters, we had the special mushroom and truffle oil flatbread.

Karel had the Wild, prime tuna burger with an Asian glaze and wasabi slaw

And I had the  Autumn Vegetarian Tasting: quinoa-citrus salad, soft taco, seasonal vegetables, cedar-roasted tofu, mango chutney.
With every item on the menu under 475 calories, you won't believe how much flavor is packed into every bite. And even after a mini indulgence for dessert (Karel's favorite is Belgan chocolate rocky road), you won't leave this restaurant feeling stuffed or heavy.
I will say, the items are heavily salted so just be aware. You can check out the Nutrition page to learn more about your selection before ordering to be a more informed consumer. Although  not as high in sodium as other restaurants, all you need to do is plan a little extra sodium from this meal into your daily diet so bulk up on a more real food diet for the day (which after you go to this restaurant you will get a lot of inspiration!) and it will all even out. Daily sodium recommendations are between 1500-2500 mg a day.

And check out this awesome creature that we found in the parking lot of the Town Center!! Nature is so amazing! Be sure to take a moment every now and then to appreciate Mother Earth and all her amazing little friends.

Oh, and while you are at it...don't forget to take a handful of Mother Earth's candy jar once a day (1.5 ounce nuts daily has been shown to provide cardiovascular benefits and nuts have been shown to assist in weight loss due to satiety).
She grows the best goodies to make your heart super happy.