Spreading Campy Love

Animals are amazing. They sure do know how to brighten your day. In the past 5 years, I have created so many memories with Campy. It's not because he gets to travel to cool places all the time but without even speaking a human word, he has shown me what life is all about. Campy does a great job of enjoying every day. Not thinking about the future or complaining about the past, Campy lives-up every single day.....even when he is napping.
There's can be a lot negativity in this world, especially on social media and way too much confusion as to how to live a "healthy" life so I decided to let Campy share with us as to how we can all live a quality life.
Travel, move your body and smile.

Dream big.

Enjoy a little "me" time on a daily basis.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Love yourself just as much as you love others.

Play hard. Life is short.

Make the most out of every moment.

Don't stress.

Did you thank your body today?

Don't rush life.

Enjoy the outdoors.


Cheerish every moment and experience.