5 tips to boost fitness motivation

Weight loss and exercising more among the most common resolutions every New Year day. And surprisingly, statistics are not all that bad – about 60% of people who make a resolution will stay consistent for around 6 months!

But since we all know that exercising comes with a host of mind/body benefits, it's important that exercise is part of your lifestyle. You don't have to run a 5K or do a triathlon to be healthy or even join a gym. You just have to move your body and do so daily (and often). 

On Monday 1/6/14 I did a segment with WJXT4 The Local Station on "Tips to maintain exercise motivation in the New Year.  

If you are interested, you can WATCH HERE

TIP: TRACK YOUR PROGRESSThe best way to reach a fitness goal is to be consistent. We don’t want perfection, we want progress. It’s easy to sign up for a gym membership and then tell yourself that you are going to workout for 1 hour a day, 7 days a week until you reach your fitness goal. But that’s not practical to be superhuman in your first week of working out with a new or improved plan. In order to set yourself up for fitness success you have to adapt to the stress you put on your body and then you have to recover.
I recommend to write down short and long term goals and then have a plan and track your progress in a journal. Start slow. Every two weeks you should be making a small change in your routine to move you closer to your goals

TIP: BE YOUR OWN COACHHaving a personal trainer or coach is great for they help you make the most efficient use of your time and customize a plan to your own goals and lifestyle. But with the help of apps on your phone or tablet, you can be your own coach to keep yourself motivated with purpose to every workout. Also, use social media to let others know about your workouts for accountability or join a group so that your friends can make sure you don't fall behind while others in your group are making fitness gains. 

Before every workout, dedicate 5-10 minutes to warming up your muscles with dynamic stretching or foam rolling, especially if you workout first thing in the morning or after sitting at work all day. Foam rolling is an effective and affordable way to wake up your tendons and muscles. After your workout, light stretching is recommended. Also, to give yourself a little "THANK YOU BODY" time and to slow down, I recommend at least 1 hour of yoga per week to increase range of motion and flexibility. 


Having the right gear is instant motivation. Anytime you are feeling a plateau in your workout routine, by a new outfit or consider using technology to give you instant feedback during your workouts. For clothing, choose moisture wicking material that is breathable and flexible. If you workout in the dark, choose reflective gear. Also, layers are great as your body warms during a workout.  And of course, don’t forget to protect your eyes even in cloudy weather. And to clear up any confusion, your glasses should not give you a headache or hurt behind your ears or on your nose, or slip off your face.  For athletic shoes, several run stores like the Jacksonville Running Company can do a gait analysis to help you determine the right shoe for you. 
Also, music is a great way to improve your mood, just be sure to get a good pair of headphones that allow you to move without the buds slipping out of your ears (especially when you sweat).


After you have damaged your body, it's time to do the serious work...recover! This is where the magic happens. To be consistent you want to adapt to training stress and recover to repeat it all again during the next workout. Cow's milk is a great recovery drink to deliver a nice mix of carbohydrates, protein, fluids and electrolytes to your damaged tissues. Your type of recovery nutrition may vary based on your fitness routine. 

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