Our fridge is packed - hello from Clermont!




Hello from Clermont!

Because our camp is all about our campers, it was nice to have a little time to myself this morning to work my lungs and muscles with a great swim/run brick workout.

4000 yrd swim:
1000 warm-up

Drill set w/ fins:

8 x 125’s (25 right arm, 25 left arm, 25 6 beat kick, 50 swim perfect stroke) w/ 15-20 sec rest

MS 4x’s:
200 steady on 3 minutes
2 x 100’s fast on 1:30
50 EZ float, then repeat

200 cool down swim (free/back) w/ fins

40 min run:
20 min warm-up
MS 4x’s:
4 min @ 8.6mph (6:58 min/mile) w/ 30 sec rest
Walk cool down


After packing up the car one last time at my parent’s house, it was that time. I had to say good bye to Campy. 6 loooong days apart. Oh I hate saying good bye to him L

After an easy 2-hour drive to Clermont, Florida (which included a quick stop on 310 at a local farmers stand to pick up fresh strawberries and oranges for my campers), I checked into the Value Inn (like an Extended Stay) and started to unpack my packed vehicle.


Karel arrived to Clermont a few hours before me and he tested out our day #1 bike courses (34 miles). Karel put together all of our rides for the camp and uploaded them to Mapmyride app for our campers. I am just so thankful for Karel and how he always goes above and beyond everything I could ever imagine and this has been a lot of fun to work together on this new adventure with our business.

After we unloaded both of our cars, I had a bit of organizing to do in our room/kitchen and then we headed out to drive the course that Karel biked today so that I could get familiar with the route.

We then headed to Publix grocery store so that we could fill our large refrigerator in our room (which includes a microwave, stove and sink) with some delicious happy tummy food.

A few of our staple refrigerator foods when we travel:
Deli meat (for Karel)
Tempeh or tofu (for Me)
Leafy greens
Dark chocolate
Trail mix
Greek yogurt
Butter (Karel uses Irish butter)
Sweet potato
Seltzer water

A few other must-haves:
Peanut butter
Pita bread
Wasa crackers
Fresh local bread/baguette
Olive oil
KIND bars

We will be test riding part of our day #2 camp course tomorrow morning (which includes Sugarloaf mountain) and then swimming later in the day at the NTC. We are so excited that some of our campers will be flying in tomorrow and then the rest of the gang will meet up on Thursday morning……with an early wake-up call for our 6:30am swim at the National Training Center.

If you are interested in following along throughout the camp – check out #trimarni #trimarni camp on Instagram/Twitter as well as following Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition on Facebook. Thanks for your support!
Wait a minute, Karel....something doesn't belong here?

Happy triathlete marriage...it's all about compromise. I make the plant strong meals, Karel enjoys his IPA beer.