25 tips to revamp your diet

Have you ever followed a diet plan before?
I think it's disrespectful to the beautiful and amazing human body to assume that a mass of individuals can all follow the same plan for eating.
There are certainly lifestyle practices that we have been told to follow for they have worked for large populations (who were studied/followed for decades) in terms or reducing risk for disease, maintaining a healthy body composition and improving quality of life. 
But when it comes to revamping YOUR diet in order to help yourself meet personal performance/fitness, body composition and health goals, here are 25 of my tips that will help you discover exactly what style of eating works best for you. 

1) Replace, don't eliminate. For every elimination food, find a heart-healthy replacement.
2) Prioritize a real food diet.
3) Drink more water, de-emphasize calorie/sugar-loaded drinks
4) Use more herbs and spices to flavor your food and boost your health
5) Be inspired by foods at restaurants when you eat out on occasion or enroll in a cooking class for new recipe ideas
6) Fuel your body properly before, during and after workouts
7) Develop a healthy relationship with food
8) Develop a healthy relationship with your body
9) Make time for meal planning
10) Make time to eat.....slowly and with utensils, at a table
11) Eat a satisfying breakfast
12) Focus on balance at meals - high fiber starches/whole grains, quality protein, heart healthy fats
13) Emphasize a plant-strong diet
14) Don't overeat - feel better after you eat than before
15) Cook for others if you are finding yourself in a meal-rut
16) Get food delivered from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to add variety and creativity to your meals with seasonal food and to support local farmers.
17) Always have a go-to meal for when you are rushed or in a hurry
18) Always have healthy snacks on hand to control blood sugar, compliment meals or to honor hunger
19) Honor your biological hunger. Be aware of eating for emotions, stress or out of boredom.
20) Be more proactive and less reactive.
21) Have a daily plan for eating that enhances your lifestyle
22) Don't be afraid about food. Throw out your "off-limit" bad-food list and start seeing food for nutritional value.
23) Work in a good, better, best system when making dietary changes. Remove the pressure that you have to be perfect, aim for progress.
24) Don't sabotage yourself. Create an environment that sets you up for success and surround yourself with people who give you energy and don't take it away from you.
25) Don't spend your energy on what everyone else is doing. Invest time and money to work with a RD (perhaps who specializes in sports if you are an athlete/fitness enthusiast) if you are struggling to figure-out what works best for you and your body.

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Cooking demo at the Culinary Institute of America with Oakley Women and professional triathlete and model, Jenny Fletcher.  in 2012.