Trimarni camp day 4 - putting it all together with the Trimarni Mock Tri!

Day 1: 1 hour swim, 1:15 hour interval run, 30 min strength
Day 2:  3-4 hour bike + 30 min run
Day 3: 3 hour bike + 60-80 min run

After our team dinner on Saturday evening, Karel and I relaxed in bed at our hotel and we couldn't stop talking about our campers.Over three days of quality and tough training, we heard no complaints and saw a lot of effort and heard no excuses. When discussing the plan for the mock tri on Sunday for the last day of camp, we could tell our campers were tired but smiles that we saw on Thursday, still remained on their faces. The camp was going so well, beyond our expectations and although we knew everyone was tired, we didn't want the camp to end. And what what we could not expect was how well everyone was getting along. There were no competition as to who's the best, fastest or strongest athlete but instead, each athlete pushed each other as comfort zones were stretched. Since Karel and I are all about teamwork, it was a beautiful sight to see friendships being made while bodies were in action. 

There was so much positive energy throughout the camp and we knew Sunday's workout would be a big confidence builder for all our campers. Not only were our campers able to apply everything they learned throughout camp and test clothing/gear that may be used on race day but our athletes were forced to be body/mind aware and everyone was in a positive environment to "race" their own race. Although we treated the mock tri as training, it was the last chance for our campers to push their bodies to have the best performance possible on the last day of camp. 

Since we are firm believers in getting adequate sleep to help the body rejuvinate and repair, our meeting time on Sunday was 7:15am with an 8am swim time for our mock tri. 

The athletes gathered in the parking lot of the NTC and after bottles were filled and tires were pumped, we did our normal pre-race routine and spent about 10 minutes with our campers, leading them through dynamic warm-ups. The weather was just perfect for our mock tri and it was already a great start to the day with everyone laughing and continuing to make memories with each other. 

We racked our bikes by the pool at the NTC and all the campers set up their transition area as if it was a race. 

Once everyone was ready, we went to our two reserved long course lanes to warm-up for 5 minutes. 

Mock tri:
30 min time trial swim (non-stop) - however many meters you can complete in 30 minutes.
26 mile bike ride (similar route to our Saturday workout so that the athletes were familiar with the route and could practice changing gears and pacing themselves on rolling terrain)
40-50 min run (or 10K) - on trail, which includes rolling terrain

Karel and I swam with everyone and it was great to just zone out and swim long course with everyone.
After our swim, we all got our gear ready for the bike and headed out to the trail together as a group. 
Over the next 20 min or so to get to our "course", the campers stayed in groups of similar fitness levels on the trail and once they were on the road, it was time to get into the zone.

Just like in a race, there was pacing and passing but we instructed to our athletes "safety first!" Karel rode out ahead of the campers so that he could help the athletes with any traffic on the road and I rode with athletes here and there during the ride - although Karel and I were not racing or training on the bike. We were out there to support our athletes, take pics and cheer them out. 

Karel made sure every camper got back on the trail safely and I made sure the athletes had cold water and coconut water in a marked box on the trail to hydrate as it was getting rather warm up. 

While our campers were out on the run, looking super strong, Karel and I made a last minute decision to run with our campers. Originally we were not going to run and just stay on our bikes to cheer for our athletes but when we saw our athletes running and really giving a solid effort out there we were so inspired that we put on our run shoes and headed out for a run. Karel ended up running a 10K in around 40 minutes on the trail and I ran intervals so that I could stop here and there to take pictures of the athletes running. 
Although so many highlights on Sunday, running the last 1/2 mile or so with my athlete Gary (65 years old) was a moment I will never forget. It was if the entire Clermont area was filled with positive energy from all the Trimarni campers. 

After the run (I ended up running 3.1 miles) I joined all the campers with Gary and we all celebrated the end of camp by soaking in the pool....and the smiles and laughs continued.

Words can't describe how much fun we (Karel and I) had a camp. It was all because of our amazing group of athletes that made our first camp experience the best experience ever. 

17 athletes now have new friends who can share a similar passion for an active and healthy lifestyle through triathlon training and racing. 

Karel and I look forward to putting on more camps in the near future so if you or your tri club/tri buddies have any interest in us putting on a camp in your area, just let us know.

Also, with much request, we will be placing another Trimarni kit order soon so stay tuned. 

Thank you again to the sponsors of the Trimarni camp! We had lots of happy tummies and well-fueled, strong bodies throughout the camp.

The oldest and youngest at camp. Colleen and Gary. 

My friend, web designer and the creator of the Trimarni logo - love you Doris!!

What an inspiring, motivating and amazing group!!
Until next time........