Are you making these mistakes as an athlete? Learn how to train smarter - TONIGHT!

I'm so excited to speak at the Hammerhead Triathlon club monthly meeting tonight at Open Road Bicycle store (beach location) at 6:15pm. 

I will be talking about my favorite topic as a coach/athlete:

Are you making one of the most common mistakes made by athletes?

1)Not properly using training gadgets - you own them but do you know how to use them?-I will be discussing how to properly use GPS/HR monitor devices and power meters for workouts and racing.
-I will be discussing some of the key workouts we give our athletes as well as reviewing some of the training data from my races to demonstrate proper pacing
-I will be giving my top tips for triathlon racing

2)Inadequate fueling - do you understand the difference between sport nutrition and daily nutrition? Are you able to maximize performance with nutrient timing and fueling?
-I will be discussing the importance of proper fueling with sport nutrition
-I will be giving my top tips for pre race/racing nutrition

3)Abiding by haphazard training - You have a goal but are you doing the right things at the right time to get your body to the start line in the best shape possible?-I will be discussing the importance of creating a personalized training plan, discussing race planning and talking about the individual responses to training. 

4)Not being proactive - Do you react more than you act? Are you setting yourself up for success? -I will be giving my top tips for being a proactive athlete, which are requirements for all of our Trimarni athletes. 

5)Time-obsessed instead of performance focused. Do you chase times or the competition?
-I will be discussing some of my "best" performances and how you, as the athlete, can create success at every race you do. 

6)Not having a healthy relationship with food and your body. Does your body weight/image negatively affect your performance, relationship with others, self-image, ability to enjoy life? 
-I will be sharing my top tips for mindful eating as an athlete. 

If you are currently training for a race or considering signing up
for an event, I hope to see you at my talk this evening.
All levels of athletes can benefit from this talk.
Every hard-working athlete deserves to be able to execute on race day.
Learn how to train smarter to train harder
reach success faster. 

See you tonight!! 

When: 6:15-7:45pm (4/2/14)
Where: 1017 South third street
Jacksonville Beach FL 32250

Karel will be available after the talk to answer all bike-related questions. 

COST: It's FREE!!!

A yummy snack from gRUNola will be provided.