Our new normal

My body feels like I am on a training camp.
My mind feels like I am on vacation.
But in reality, we just moved to the most perfect place for our lifestyle. 

Back in February, Karel, Campy and I checked out Greenville South Carolina for the first time.
It was cold and rainy.
But we still loved it! 

Although we have only been living in Greenville South Carolina for 10 days and for me, not even a full week to believe that we actually live here, we have spent no time wasted since we moved. Although much of our day is focused on our coaching and nutrition athletes (tri season is in full swing!), we have tried to spend a little time each day to get to know our new town. Here are a few pics from the last few days. 

Trimarni coaching athlete Kristen and her hubby Trent were passing by after racing Rev3 in Knoxville. We love the fact that we can walk to downtown, just a short 1 mile from our new home. We all had dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

No more flat roads! Just a quick 8 miles or so on the Swamp Rabbit Trail (riding from our home) and then we make a few turns and a few miles later, we get to climb 2.5 miles to the top of Paris Mountain.....and then descend down the other side!

You know you live in a great city when Trek Travel has a 7-day camp where you live. 

With a change in temps (mid 50's in the morning and 80's during the day), we are really enjoying this change and the comfort foods that come with it. Yummy tomato soup cooked with Boca veggie meat, fresh onions and mushrooms and topped with baby Swiss cheese. 

A dressed up rice cake with PB, raisins, banana and honey, alongside water and coffee. Delicious, happy tummy fuel for a morning workout. 

Every trail should have a delicious cafe and grocery like the Swamp Rabbit Trail. If they are ever out of baguettes, you can blame us.

We love our bike-friendly community!

Not only is Greenville an active community

But they are big supporters of shopping local and recycling. 

WE are glad we are here too!

Karel is getting back to his Euro routes....stopping for a baguette at the end of our ride.

The BEST baguette I have ever had!

Just riding along....
Is it a good or bad thing that I want to stop every mile to take a picture of this beautiful scenery!! LOVE riding on these country roads! So much to look at and so many animals to say hi to!

My body is working over time here with our new terrain, combined with our IM Austria prep (6 more weeks!). My appreciation of fueling my body with real food has gone to a whole new level here in Greenville! 

Campy loves it here too!!

I love to climb.....and now I have no choice! 

We love fresh bread. This pecan bread was amazing!
Real food makes the tummy happy. 

Super raw trail mix....a delicious snack with yogurt to fuel a busy body in the afternoon.

Karel is now an expert at Map My Ride. His Garmin Edge 810 comes in super handy when it comes to riding new routes and not getting lost. You have no idea how happy Karel is riding here. He can not stay off his bike. Every day is a new day for exploring on two wheels.
I just want to ride and say hi to all the animals and take pictures. 

We are SO excited to start planning our 2nd Trimarni camp (and first camp in Greenville) for the fall! We are so excited for you to come and visit us and enjoy these beautiful roads and local eats with us (and Campy too!)