Inaugural Women's Fitness Summit (Sorry guys, ladies only!)

I love speaking to women. 
I love helping women change their lifestyles. 
I love helping women reach personal goals. 
I love helping women cross finish lines. 
I love helping women learn how to have a healthy relationship with food.
I love helping women learn how to love their body. 
I love being a woman. 

When I was asked to present at this summit on a topic specific to fueling the female endurance athlete, I could not pass up this wonderful opportunity to educate other women and to learn from the other experienced and knowledgeable female speakers. 

How great - a conference for women, by women. 

My racing season will be complete when this event takes place (Sept 27-28) and I will (hopefully) have Ironman #8 (Ironman Austria, 6/29and #9 (Ironman Wisconsin 9/7) behind me. 
That's 9 x 140.6 mile races in my 32 year old body and I have a lot of tips and info to share on how I keep my body healthy and fueled. 

I am really looking forward to helping endurance athletes who are wanting to learn how to eat for fuel and for health and additionally, wanting to take their endurance training to the next level all while minimizing risk for injury and illness. 

My presentation will be on:

Despite the complexity of the human body in motion and the overwhelming amount of information available on healthy eating and sport nutrition, my philosophy for nutrition is simple.
Appreciate a nutrient-dense, real food balanced diet to support the immune system and overall health and use safe and effective sport nutrition products properly before, during and after training to support intentional training stress. 
Through a combination of real-world experiences and research, individuals in attendance will be able to identify the key nutrients in the daily diet to support the female endurance body. Individuals will also learn about different methods of fueling for endurance sports, specific to triathlons and running events.
I will also share my own tips and tricks for eating for fuel and for health as a 22-year lacto-ovo vegetarian, as well as how I fuel my Ironman training with a real food daily diet and how I use sport nutrition products during training/racing to minimize GI upset and to postpone fatigue. 

There is an amazing group of talented and smart women who are speaking at this event so if you are feeling overwhelmed with so much nutrition and fitness related information on the internet, get all your questions answered at this summit.

I hope to see you there!