Excellent mental tips from Dr. G!

I can't believe that it was almost a year ago when I was heading to the Big Island of Kona for my third Ironman World Championship!!
My mental coach and BFF Gloria met me on the island and we spent the next 10 days together in complete island happiness. It was one amazing experience filled with laughs, love, positivity, inspiration and gratefulness. 

Since our jobs revolve around working with athletes, Gloria and I both made good use of our time in Kona by creating a series of videos (mental tips from Gloria and nutrition tips from me) to help out other athletes. We wanted to provide tips that would make athletes of all levels feel more comfortable and confident before and during important races. 

Gloria, as a licensed sport psychologist always provides the best advice....in other words, she can think logically when we (as athletes) can not. She speaks with a big heart and without a rollercoaster of emotions inside her mind/body (like us athletes sometimes).

Gloria just put together a blog featuring all of her tips that she provided in Kona last year. I know that many athletes return to her Kona blogs before races (of any distance and sport) because the tips are extremely helpful. 

I invite you to check out her blog to learn more about staying mentally focused and keeping perspective during your race week. As Gloria mentions, there is often a lot of anxious nervous energy on race week/race day so being aware of the environment and people around us is very important but we also must be able to manage it. 

Here are a few pics from our trip....

Getting my bike from Tri Bike Transport

Time to register for the World Championship

Finishing chute getting setting up, walking to rack my bike on the day before the race. 

Race day. A bunch of calm athletes...NOT!
Picture taken by Gloria. 

Water entry/exit from the 2.4 mile swim

The water we get to swim in...a big fish tank!

Practice swim with Go Pro. 

My old bike, just chilaxin. 

The evening view from our porch. 

Gloria - my mental coach, BFF and BEST sherpa ever!! 

Me and Gloria

Warming up on the Queen K hwy (bike course)

There I am!

First Kona!

Second Kona!

3rd Kona!

Shopping at the local market for yummy food. 

Yum.....fresh, local fruit in Kona!

Practice swim with Gloria...thanks Triathlete mag for the pic! 

Loving my 110% towel!

Sporting my new custom Oakley Women shades at the Oakley house. 

Transition bag packing for a 140.6 mile event!

Me, Emily and Gloria at the Undie Run.

Everyone has to take a pic like this in Kona ;) 

Isn't she the best??? Carrying my bags to the transition area for bag drop off. 

A new PR in Kona...10:37!


Lovely! Heading to the Power Bar post race breakfast.

The view from the pier (dig-me-beach)