Happy 7th B-day Campy!!!

Today we celebrate Campy's birthday!! Since Campy is a rescue dog, we aren't sure of his exact date of birth but we got him around the age of one. So every year, for the past 6 years, we have celebrated the day when Campy came into our life.

Here are a few fun facts about Campy. 

Campy loves to travel! We find pet-friendly hotels and he never stays in the room alone. What a lucky doggy!

Campy loves the outdoors. He has endless energy....

Until he wears himself out. 

Campy loves nature. Any new place is an exciting place. Any old place is also exciting too. He never seems to get bored from walking the same routes on our morning walks but in the case that there is a new smell, Campy is always the early bird to find it! 

Campy is a Chihuahua Italian greyhound mix. He has a strong personality and he is really, really fast. He was 11 lbs when we got him and now he is 13 lbs. I'm pretty sure he gained two lbs of muscle. Campy is an athlete!

Campy was found behind a building in Amelia Island. He was being fostered by a nice family for two weeks until we found "Sparky" at Petfinder.com. Here is the story about how we found Campy. 
Campy is named after Campagnolo. Only a high-end lifestyle for this rescue animal.

We got Campy just a few weeks before we got married at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida. Little did we know that Campy would change our life in so many ways. All for the better. 

We could not have asked for a better furry child in our active lifestyle. 

Campy is not the best eater. He is not the type of dog who will steal food from a plate or start eating from his bowl as you are putting food in it. He won't eat dry food, only wet food. And his favorite food is chicken, rice and veggies (homecooked). 

Campy loves going to races although he has never watched me race. Campy has cheered on Karel and many cycling races and a few triathlons. Campy even spectated at IMFL last year and watched the last hour of the finishers...what a trooper! We will be at IMFL again this year to spectate and cheer on our athletes. 

Campy sleeps more than he is awake. He is an excellent sleeper and a master at cuddling. 

Campy loves to smile. He is a really happy doggy. But just be sure to ask me if you can pet him if you ever see him because he is super protective of his mommy and often brings a big attitude wherever he goes in public. 

I have more pictures of Campy than I can count. I will not regret this one day, many many years from now.

Campy has slept in our king size bed since the day we got him. Even though he has his own doggy bed, there has never been a night in his life that he hasn't slept in a bed. 

Campy loves pillows....

And blankets. Campy loves to sleep under blankets. 

This is called roaching. Campy assumes this position when he is exhausted. 

Campy is not built for distance but he is a great sprinter. He has one speed and it is fast. He loves to be in the lead or be chased. He makes for a great run partner off the bike as he never complains. Campy's longest run was 4 miles although a quality run for this 4-legged friend is around 10 minutes. 

Campy loves his sweaters. Although he didn't have to wear them much in Jacksonville, FL, we may be shopping for new sweaters here in Greenville, SC for our first winter. 

Campy loves to de-stuff toys. Every toy is called his "bear." This is Campy's mission in life, to destroy every bear that is given to him. Or, as this picture shows, if he is visiting someone who has a dog, be sure to hide all toys or Campy will find them!
"Campy, did you do that?"

Every year, Campy gets a Thanksgiving plate of real food. Ok, I take that back. Campy is a GREAT eater on Thanksgiving.

Campy was a great Thanksgiving left-over turkey helper to my dad. 

Campy has helped me train for 7 Ironman's. He gets stronger and stronger every year!

Campy loves road trips! He will typically sleep (in my lap of course, despite his bed starting in the back seat) unless we slow down or stop. Then he has to check to make sure we are on the right route. Campy's collar (and leash) are from Cycledog

Since we got Campy, he has never been in a crate and has never slept alone overnight. Campy has the best pet-sitters when we travel and has a few great home away from home. 

Madison loves Campy. She was found outside (by Campy) in a bush, not too long after we got Campy.

Madison always wants to be by Campy.

As close as possible, always trying to be just like Campy. 

Campy uses his "bears" as pillows.

We find him in these positions all the time. A bear as a chin-rest. 

Campy gives unconditional love all the time. He shows us every day how lucky he is to be in our family. 

But we are the lucky ones!

Campy can sleep in any position. As long as there is a pillow or blanket, he will find a way to get comfortable. He is not a floor sleeper. 

Campy loves to recover from workouts with us. 

And watch cycling/triathlons on TV.

We are true dog lovers. If something is dog friendly, we get super excited that Campy can join us. 

Happy 7th birthday Campy!!
To the 4-legged furry little guy in our life.....
You make every day a fun, happy day. You never have a bad day. 
Every trip is more fun with you. 
Although you have a strong personality, you know how to give a lot of love.
You love to be active and you love the outdoors - just like your mommy and daddy.
You make it so easy to take pictures of you and thank goodness we have so many photos to capture all the great moments in our life together.
You spent the first year of your life on the streets and we feel so lucky that we found you!
Campy, I promise to always give you the best life ever because you have made our life so amazing since we all became a family.

Keep on smiling and loving every day of your lottery-winning life! We love you!