Are you ready for the Triathlon Challenge?

When Karel and I were putting together our 2015 race schedule, we had a variety of races to choose from. Since sharing our race schedule in October, there have already been a few changes.
 There are races all over the world on almost every weekend of the year so that makes it very interesting and fun when planning a racing season. 

In the initial stages of our season planning, we wanted to make sure that every race that we registered for had a purpose. We are not known to race just to race. Although we do not expect to be at top fitness for every race, we take every race seriously and do our best to arrive to every race healthy and injury free. The most important goal of a triathlete who is planning his/her season is to remember that every race is simply a step closer to the big season goal where you hope to race in peak fitness.
You can have good performances at all or most of your races but when it comes to maximizing your fitness and being in the best shape all season, you want to limit that to once or twice in a season.
And above all, be ok with your building fitness and body composition throughout the season. If you are accepting that you don't need to be in peak fitness all year long, you certainly do not need to be at race weight all year long. 

 When planning our season, we wanted to make sure that our races helped to build confidence for the 2015 Ironman World Championship (our big season race) but that our races were placed appropriately so that we could periodize our training for proper peaking for Kona. The biggest mistake I find is that athletes register or plan to race a variety of races throughout the year but because of when they occur in the season (too early, too late or too many close together), there is not ample time to get through various phases of training. And unlike a cyclists racing and training schedule, triathletes do need different phases so they can not race a lot (specific to endurance triathletes).
And lastly, we wanted to make sure that our race schedule was practical in terms of logistics, race fees and course designs to match our strengths. We look for safe and challenging courses, a great vibe at the race, a beautiful location to race in and affordable race fees + travel. 

We are so excited to be supporting the Challenge Family race series in 2015!!!!
Not only will Karel and I be racing at Challenge Knoxville and Challenge Williamsburg but many of the Trimarni athletes will be racing a Challenge race in 2015. 

For a list of all the North America races:

Also, in case you missed it:

Challenge Family regional championships and prize money confirmed in the Americas
Posted on: Friday 14th November 2014

The Americas region has a new championship series with today’s announcement of the Challenge Americas Championships, to be held at Challenge Knoxville, Tennessee in May 2016.
Encompassing all 13 half and full distance Challenge Family races in North, South and Central America, qualifying for the Championships will start at Challenge Knoxville on 17 May 2015.
To celebrate the launch of the first qualifying race of the Championships, Challenge Knoxville 2015 will offer all athletes who register for the race 50% off a second entry for a friend. This special offer is available until 30 November and equates to two half distance entries for just $382.50.
Throughout the year, professional and age group athletes will have the opportunity to qualify at Challenge Knoxville, Challenge Quassy, Challenge Williamsburg, Challenge Atlantic City, Challenge New Albany, Challenge Pocono Mountains, Challenge Maine, Challenge Rancho Cordova and Challenge Florida in the USA. Canadian qualifiers are Challenge Penticton and Challenge St Andrews while Challenge Ixtapa in Mexico will be the Central America qualifier and Challenge Florianopolis the South American qualifier.
The regional championships announcement was accompanied by confirmation that all Challenge Family races in the Americas will feature consistent prize money across all races.
Challenge Family CEO, Zibi Szlufcik said the Challenge Americas Championships was an exciting development for athletes in the region.
“With 13 races throughout the Americas and an outstanding championship venue in Knoxville, athletes will enjoy a quality race series, culminating in a grand finale and the prestige of calling themselves regional champion. Challenge Knoxville 2015 will be a test event for the 2016 Championships and all athletes are invited to test this beautiful course.
“We’re also delighted to be able to confirm a pro field with prize money at every race. We’ve had many requests for this and are extremely happy to be able to offer our valued athletes with a strong series of races paying 10 deep throughout the Americas region.”
Challenge Americas board member, Charlie Patten said, “”We are excited for the 2015 Challenge Americas Age Group series and Championship race! The hard work of amateur athletes often goes un-noticed and this is our chance to celebrate ALL athletes.  From the working mothers to the retired grandparents and everyone in between, now we get to celebrate your amazing accomplishments!”