The First Bourn experience

Imagine a facility where you can bring all of your athletes to train for a long weekend or a designated training camp. A facility that included endless beautiful views for a can't-miss train-cation.  Your athletes would never forget their one-of-a-kind top notch training experience because every workout starts from their doorstep in this all inclusive resort-like facility. Every meal is provided by a professional trained chef and is RD approved. You never have to worry about your athletes slacking on quality nutrition (or missing a meal from rushing from one training location to the next) as all meals/snacks are designed to nourish, fuel and satisfy the needs of your athletes (and their "reward" indulgences).  Rarely are training camps associated with simplicity but First Bourn has thought of everything so all you have to do is show-up and coach/train your athletes.
  • High-end accommodations with private rooms for all athletes
  • 25-50m pools
  • 2 Continuous Swim pools (salt and fresh)
  • Massage rooms
  • NormaTec compression recovery rooms
  • Farm-to-table meals
  • Recovery smoothie stations and world-class java bars
    Coaching areas and team rooms
    Custom fitness room for endurance athletes
    Sauna and steam room
    Private changing and locker rooms
    A pain cave with computrainers
    Pro/VIP quarters
    Miles of trails
    In-house bike mechanic and bike barn (no storing bikes/gear in rooms!)
    Vehicles available to venture to the nearest town
    Fully supported point-to-point village based training experiences
Imagine a facility where you can bring your family but not feel as if your wife/husband and children would be alone/bored while you are out training. An active and beautiful environment is enjoyed by all. Have you always wanted to attend a training camp and learn from your coach, one-on-one but it hasn't happened yet because your coach didn't have the means/logistics to plan a training camp? Is there a coach/training methodology that you follow and would like to attend a camp from a coach you've never met? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn from a coach or professional athlete and be surrounded by like-minded athletes but didn't have the location to make this all happen? Have you ever considered having a home away from home, anywhere in the world, that you could  just travel to alone or with a friend and simply check-in and all of your training needs were covered?

That place is First Bourn
World-class training destinations for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels. 

Every person who sets foot in a First Bourn location will remember the experience, accommodations and support that will help you reach your goals. First Bourn doesn't only fuel the multi-sport and endurance lifestyle but it caters to the individual who wants continuous improvement in areas of health, fitness and/or performance. 

Supported by elite, professional and age-group athletes, the First Bourn team is lead by passionate, experienced experts, looking to give you the best training environments, all with diverse training experiences at each First Bourn location. 

Above all, First Bourn is committed to supporting local communities and their resources. Environmental sustainability, economic development, education & mentoring and health & wellness are among the key four pillars that are essential to all thriving First Bourn communities. 

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