Trimarni Clermont 4-day Training camp - quick recap

We can't believe that the Trimarni camp is over!

We are SO proud of our Trimarni campers who accomplished amazing things with their bodies throughout the 4-day Trimarni Clermont Triathlon Training camp.

Our 20 Trimarni athlete/campers completed 3 workouts a day for 3 days in a row and finished the camp with the Great Clermont Olympic Distance Triathlon. 

That's 12 hours of training completed in 72 hours prior to racing for 2+ hours on Sunday!
Our athletes are simply incredible!  

First off, I have to give a HUGE Thank You to our sponsors for having quality gear/products that we trust, use and recommend. Thank you for hooking-up our campers!!!!
Clif Bar
Oakley and Oakley Women
Veronica's Health Crunch
Xterra Wetsuits
Training Peaks
Run In
Xterra Wetsuits
Salt Stick for helping out our campers as well with sample electrolyte pills. 

When athletes train together, they bring out greatness and awesomness in each other. 

There is little complaining and a lot of doing. 
When you are around athletes who are faster, it pushes you to higher limits and to see what is possible through hard work. When athletes see others who are still progressing, this is a great opportunity to stay humble and remind yourself that we all start somewhere. Training is a journey and we all develop at our own paces. 

And in the end, come race day, we all go through the same emotions, excitement, nerves, doubts and determination in order to reach the same finish line. 

Triathlons are an amazing lifestyle. I can't even begin to explain how triathlons have changed my life. I'm filled with so many emotions because I have met so many amazing people within the triathlon community, I have had the opportunity to travel to amazing race venues with Karel because of this awesome sport and over the past 9 years since I started racing triathlon's competitively, my body has accomplished so much and I thank it everyday for being so strong and healthy. 
My job as a coach and sport RD allows me to share so much with my athletes on all different levels and I am always amazed how each one of my athletes balances so much in life in order to stay healthy and active through the sport of triathlons. 

More recaps, photos and workouts to come from the camp and my race recap from the race. 

We will be opening the registration for the Greenville Endurance Training camp next week. This camp is dedicated to endurance athletes who are training for an Ironman in July/August/September. This will be an advanced-level training camp.
Where: Greenville, South Carolina

When: June 25th - 28th

Cost: $ 350  per person (4-day camp)

Camp size: Limited to 12 athletes

Stay tuned for more info.