Trimarni training camp - GREENVILLE, SC!!!

Can you believe you can find this much nature in downtown Greenville?
Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to maximize your fitness while training for a long distance triathlon?
The 4-day Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Greenville training camp (JUNE 25-28) is a great opportunity for endurance-focused triathletes to accumulate a lot of training stress over a short period of time in order to build confidence, skills and fitness.
As a dedicated age-group, elite or professional athlete, we know you love to put in hard work in order take your training to the next level but we know that sometimes training can become a little boring in the same environment.....all season long. Also, we know you balance a lot in life and we understand that work/life doesn’t always give you ample time to recover properly, get restful sleep, eat a balanced diet and keep your mind focused on your training.
Our camp goal is to add some fun into your current triathlon training routine and take you out of your comfort zone as we test you on your pacing, endurance fitness, climbing, gearing, cadence, sport nutrition, daily nutrition, recovery and open water swimming.
We could not be more excited to welcome you to beautiful Greenville! Our bike-friendly, active community will not disappoint you as train on the perfect terrain to improve your swimming, cycling and running skills.
REGISTER TODAY!! Camp is limited to 12 athletes. 
(This was originally advertised as an advanced training camp geared for strong cyclists. However, if you are interested in this camp because you are training for an Ironman and feel this camp will be beneficial for your cycling skills and fitness, please send me an email to inquire about a tentative less-advanced option for this camp. 

(TBD based on weather)
AM: 3  hour bike ride - opportunity for coaches to see athletes on bikes, specific to bike skills and riding ability. Followed by a 30-60 min run – track or trail
Break for recovery/refuel
Afternoon: Lectures
PM – 90 minute swim at Westside aquatic center

AM: 5 hour endurance ride, rolling terrain, beautiful scenery! 
Run off the bike - 30-45 minutes (track, trail or swamp rabbit trail)
Break for recovery/refuel
PM: 90 minute endurance swim at Westside aquatic center
Team dinner in downtown Greenville

AM: 1 hour (or 2 mile) open water swim at Lake Jocassee. Followed by a long run (up to 2:20  hours or 16 miles, whichever comes first).
Late AM: Picnic/play time at Lake Jocassee
Depart lake in early afternoon.
PM: 2 hour recovery spin

AM: 3-4 hour rolling hills ride. Following by a 90 min run.
Early afternoon – depart camp

(RETUL FITS ARE AVAILABLE either before or after camp. Please request a reservation). 

Here's what you get to enjoy while training in our beautiful, active and bike-friendly city of Greenville, SC. 

Westside aquatic center - plenty of lanes for happy swimmers!

What goes up, must come down 

Enjoy the view after your 6 mile climb to the top of Ceaser's Head. 

Mountain views no matter where you ride. 

Just riding along - you never know what you will see!

Our beautiful Falls Park in downtown Greenville. 

So much to enjoy in downtown Greenville. Over 100 restaurants for the foodies.

Farm life for miles and miles. 

You never know who you will ride into....hello George Hincapie, 17-time Tour de France finisher and owner of Hotel Domestique. 

So many country roads to enjoy and not a car in sight! 

Enjoy a peaceful run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Over 20 miles of trail!!

In the valley - my favorite part of riding over mountains. 

Can you imagine swimming here? You get to at our camp! 

And you get to meet Mr. Lama!! He loves cyclists (and selfies). 

The best experience - lake AND mountain views. 

Liberty bridge in downtown Greenville. 

Do you love to climb? Let's head to the mountains! 

We love our rolling hills. 

So many picture-taking moments. We are so excited to welcome you to Greenville!!