Happy Mother's Day!

"You never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice" - Bob Marley

This is one of my favorite quotes. I often think of this saying before I race for I always feel like I find myself in uncomfortable situations on race day and in order to find success, I have to stay physically and mentally strong. It's amazing how strong you can be when your only choices are to find a way or to simply give up. 

This past year has been incredibly tough for my family. 

Almost one year ago, my dad lost his 10 month fight with cancer. For anyone who has lost a close friend, family member or loved one, it's very easy to feel depressed, lonely, sad and angry
People will often say "stay strong" but it's just not that easy. 

Everyone grieves differently but eventually, the survivor of the loved one is destined to continue on with life. It never gets easy and the loved one is never forgotten but life does go on and we should try to not waste any precious days of living. 

My mom has been incredibly strong over the past year. She took such good care of dad when he was diagnosed with cancer and she was constantly with him through  multiple doctor's appointments, treatments and surgeries. Eventually when the day came to take my dad off life support, we were all by my mom's side in the hospital, keeping her strong. 

When my dad passed away, my mom was forced to take on almost all the house chores and life responsibilities that my dad did on a daily basis. My mom eventually moved to Greenville and joined several social groups, including a cancer survivor group, a widow's group and a mahjong group. She stays incredibly busy with all her friends and has never stopped living her life.

It hasn't been easy for any of us but my mom has stayed so strong for us all because well, you never know how strong you are until it's your only choice. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong, selfless, determined, hard-working, compassionate, loving, caring and amazing human and furry mom's in this world! 


Since my mom spent the night at our place last night, I made my mom breakfast this morning. French toast (cinnamon raisin bread) with scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. 

While Karel and I worked out, my mom took Campy for a long walk at our place.
We then took a trip across the street to Furman University to walk around. 
Here are a few pics from our afternoon, enjoying the beautiful outdoors!