New eats from Main Street to Traveler's Rest

In a previous blog, I talked about tips for healthy eating while dining out. It's nice to get dressed up every now and then and enjoy food prepared from someone else and to not have to worry about cleaning up dirty pots, pans and dishes. 

Trimarni athlete Jim N was training with us in Greenville for his own private 3-day "camp" and there's nothing better than working out with our athletes and reflecting on workouts, with happy tummy food. 

One evening, we want to Breakwater restaurant, downtown Greenville on Main Street. The atmosphere was great and Karel and Jim enjoyed a local IPA. We all yummed over the bread basket which was filled with bite size corn muffins and biscuits with a side of orange butter.

For starters, I got the SPRING HERB SALAD:
artisan and arugula lettuce, basil, cilantro, tarragon, split creek farm feta, spicy pecans, citrus vinaigrette

For my vegetarian entree, I combined two sides which included: squash, shiitake & zucchini 

And the butternut risotto. 
Both were outstanding and I loved the texture and taste of the veggies with the risotto. 
Karel ordered the SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN: boneless fried chicken breasts, red skin mashed potatoes, haricots verts, cream gravy,

We all left with happy tummies! 

The day prior, we had a late lunch/early dinner after an afternoon 3.5 hour incredibly challenging ride (which followed a morning long course swim) from Upcounty Provisions.

Not sure if we were ready for some solid food after our ride or if the food is just really, really good but our meal was really, really good. And to make this restaurant even better - all the names on the menu are after well-known places in Greenville! 
How fun!!

I got the The Swamp Rabbit:

Hummus, avocado, garden veggies, crispy onions, mixed greens & balsamic vinaigrette dressing in wrapped up in our house-made lavash flatbread with a Ceaser's Head Side Salad (and a bag of chips comes with the meal). Karel ordered the The Traveler: Roast beef, bacon (which Karel rarely has), sauerkraut, feta and horseradish aioli served on a kaiser hoagie.  

The were out of the hoagie and flatbread so we all got Focaccia bread. 

I ordered out so when I went to pick up the food in downtown Traveler's Rest, I couldn't resist the brownie (which all three of us shared). Not sure exactly what was in it but it was gooooood!!

I just love the opportunities that come on occasion to enjoy new places to eat. I try to order new meals that I wouldn't normally make at home so that I can get inspired by a chef creation. I see eating out as a great way for me to become more creative in my own kitchen as I emphasize home cooked meals to fuel my active lifestyle. 

Happy eating (out)!

Remember, always feel better after you eat than before you eat. 
A happy tummy is a great feeling!