Roads worth exploring

Today's workout required a lot of mental focus, strength, fuel and well, a really strong body. I can't believe that I will be racing my first key race of the season here in two weeks at Challenge Knoxville! Karel and I will both be racing and we are excited to race a Challenge event and explore Knoxville by swimming, biking and running in the city. 

I had no time for pictures this morning so I am sharing a few pics from earlier this week (including the pic above from climbing up and over and then up and over again on Paris Mountain). This was the view on top of Paris Mountain (above).....which is now a 10 min bike ride from our new home. 

Oh yes, I forgot to blog about that so that will come soon....we moved out of our rental home and we are now first time home owners!

The Swamp Rabbit Trail (SRT, pictured above) extends from downtown Greenville to Traveler's Rest. We are now less than 2 miles from Furman University which makes for a lot of new running routines to explore. I prefer to stick with rolling hills as they are better for my hips and running form so I don't do much, if any, of my running on the SRT which is flat for almost 30 miles. 

This is our new running route to leave our neighborhood. We have a .25 mile climb out of our neighborhood and then endless country/neighborhood roads to enjoy on two feet. It's like running freedom! 
I've decided that every athlete or fitness enthusiast who lives in Greenville is strong because it's nearly impossible to have an easy workout here. You get strong by default because simply training outside toughens you up in our nature-filled, yet challenging environment.

I made sure to take a lot of mental pictures on today's route. I just love that I can leave for a ride (today I was alone as Karel did his own workout) and not have a plan as to where I will ride and just discover new roads/routes, feel safe and love every mile of it. 

Karel and Campy chilaxin in the back yard after our morning workout. Campy loves our new yard, especially squirrel and bird watching!

Here was our morning workout: 
3 hour ride (which included 4000 feet of climbing)
MS: 5x6 min best effort with 5 min EZ spin.

Followed by a 7.5 mile/1 hour run with 1000 feet of climbing.
Karel's workout: 
~70 miles
MS 9x6min best effort with 5 min EZ.
Followed by a 20 min run

This evening we had my mom over to watch the Derby and then we watched Unbroken (which is a GREAT movie!). I made this beautiful and delicious salad, topped with Veronica's Health Crunch.
I used petite lettuce, napa cabbage, pears, carrots, thinly sliced onions and celery. 

Hope you are having a great weekend! 
Make sure you enjoy your views on your favorite and new routes!