Trimarni Greenville camp - Pre-camp

Even though our camp didn't start until Thurs and ended on Sunday, a few of our athletes wanted to arrive on Tues so we rented the Swamp Rabbit Lodge from Tues until Monday. This gave our athletes a little extra time to relax before the camp and to not feel rushed after the last workout of camp. We had athletes drive and fly-in for camp so the lodge was just perfect to accommodate our great group of campers (a mix of non-Trimarni coaching athletes and Trimarni athletes). 

The lodge was in a perfect location for our camp - just off Roe Ford road and right next to Furman University, we could start and finish all workouts at the lodge which eliminated the need for our athletes to drive anywhere to ride or run. Our house is just 2 miles down the road so it was perfect for me and Karel as we were just a short car ride or bike away. 

The lodge had everything - a big kitchen with 4 Keurig Coffee makers (plenty of Starbucks pods provided) and a huge counter for all of our campers to congregate around. 

There were 2 rooms of 8 oversized bunk beds which was perfect for the girls at camp to all share rooms. Since we had 5 doggies at camp (6 counting Campy), there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out. 

There were 4 bathrooms (2 of which in 2 of the bedrooms) and 3 big bedrooms. In all, the lodge can sleep ~29 people so it was plenty big for our small camp. 

The lodge also had a basement which was great for athletes to store their bikes with several Feedback Sports Rakk bicycle stands provided. There was also plenty of towels so essentially our athletes didn't have to bring anything but their training gear. 

I knew our campers would love the outside covered patio (with a fan).

As well as the outside grill and huge patio for plenty of outdoor seating. 

The house sat on many acres which was great for the doggies and since it was tucked away from the main road, the house felt very private. 

Campy and the doggies loved the 1-mile dirt walking and MTB path. 

On Tuesday, we had our first camper (Justine) arrive and her cute puppy Otis. With so many doggies it was hard to not smile every time you saw a camper....and a doggy by his/her side. 

We were so happy to receive our recent Canari order which included my Kona race outfit (my first short sleeve tri suit) and our new run tops!

Love the loose fit and longer length of these run tops!!
We are also so thankful for our sponsors who sent lots of goodies for our campers. 

Thanks Veronica's Health Crunch!!

Swag Bags!!
Thanks Run In, Xterra, Veronica's Health Crunch, Balega (From Run In) and Clif Bar!!

On Tues and Wed, Karel stayed busy with RETUL fits for Justine (re-fit), Taryn and Kelly Fillnow (our guest professional triathlete on Thurs). 

On Wednesday, our campers who arrived on Tues started their day with a long course swim at Westside (workout provided by me whereas Karel and I and Trimarni athlete Tricia did a different longer workout) and then explored Greenville throughout the day and loaded up the kitchen with lots of local food. 

On Wednesday, all of our campers arrived and it was beginning to feel a bit more like camp. 

On Wed evening, Karel and I gave a short talk about what to expect for our jammed-packed day of camp on Thursday. 

And then it was time for everyone to get some sleep before 4 challenging days of swimming, biking and running. 

Stay tuned for my recap of Day 1 of Trimarni Greenville camp.