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Boulder train-cation: day 3

By Wednesday, Karel and I started to feel more normal with the altitude - although we are both struggling with a bit of altitude insomnia where we struggle to fall asleep and we wake up at least twice throughout the night. 

We have been waking up (without an alarm) around 6:00-6:15am and enjoying the fresh, dry air outside. 

It's been a long time coming since Karel injured his foot in May but, with the help of an amazing PT Kent, Karel is finally back running again. He is up to 14 minute run, 30 sec walk. 

With us staying just 3/4 mile from Wonderland Trailhead, it's so convenient (and beautiful) to run on the trails out there so around 7:30am, we headed out for a 1 hour run.

Karel and I started together while warming up and then after a short break, it was time to get to business. With Karel doing a lot of strength work for his foot and keeping his cardio strong with swimming/cycling, Karel certainly did not slow much over the past 3 months. I tried hard to keep up with Karel as we were running between 7;15-7:45 min/miles for a good 4 miles...up and down the trails. It was a lot of fun and great to enjoy the scenery with Karel. 

After our run, we had breakfast #2 (and a Clif recovery drink) and we rested for an hour before we headed to Scott Carpenter Pool for a 11am long course meter swim.
Our friend/athlete Kristen joined us which was great for us all to workout together. 

We had a tough Kona-prep swim!
400 warm-up
Pre-set (with buoy/paddles): 100, 200, 300, 400 (increasing effort from 75-85%)
MS 2x's:
8 x 100's w/ 10 sec rest @ 90% effort
400 Ironman effort
1 min rest, then repeat MS one more time
Total: 3800 meters

After the swim (workout #2), we were in need of some carbs so off we went to Breadworks to cure our bread cravings. 

Karel got a chicken panini, 3 pastries and a loaf of bread and I got a salty pretzel. YUM!

After our post-workout meal/lunch, we packed up at Kristen's  house and it was time to start part II of our vacation with our Gearlink friends. 

Around 3pm, we made our 6.5 mile trip up Sunshine Canyon to see where we would be staying with our friends.
For the next 5 days, we will stay around 8000 feet up the mountain in this beautiful cabin. 

Our friends just flew in from Clearwater and they were anxious to ride so around 4pm, Karel and I loaded up our car for workout #3. 

We parked at Centennial Park Trailhead (at the base of Sunshine Canyon) and got on our bikes and made our  way to Old Stage Road and then up, and up, and up Lee Hill.
It was a tough ride but beautiful and a lot of fun to ride with our friends.

Although Karel would be in cycling heaven with his road bike (bombing the descends), we both have our triathlon bikes since we are less than 8 weeks out from the IM World Championship and our tri bikes are our primary bikes to train on (lots of muscle memory). 

It was nearing 7pm when we arrived to dinner and we were all ready for food!
We ate at BackCounty Pizza and the food was amazing (although  after 3 workouts for me and Karel, we probably could have eaten pizza at the gas station and said it was amazing too :) 


I got the Nediterranean veggie burger and french fries and the guys got beer and pizza. I know - I passed on pizza but I needed something heavy in my gut and a burger did the trick! 

I proudly cleaned my plate!

We then made our way to Safeway to shop for groceries for the cabin and by 9:30pm, we were back in the cabin with the groceries unloaded and time to relax before bed. 

Stay tuned for the recap of our long, hard, beautiful Thursday ride.