Boulder train-cation: day 7 and 8

On Sunday morning, Karel and I drove down to the park and headed out for a 40 minute run before getting on our bikes with Adam and Bill to cycle to Golden, CO to watch stage 7 of the USA Pro cycling challenge. 

I was really looking forward to this ride but after the run, my body was feeling incredibly tired (I wonder why!). Adam, Karel and Bill (the rest of our group drove their bikes to Golden) were riding from Boulder to Golden on semi busy roads (to get out of Boulder) and I was just not comfortable on those roads.
So after about 30 minutes of riding, I decided to head back to the car. It was a bummer to not continue on and join the guys to climb Lookout mountain to watch the tour but my body had enough.....and when I got back to the cabin I just laid on the couch (and watched the race on NBC) for a few hours.

But Karel had a lot of fun and he felt strong riding. I was happy for him. It's great in our athlete-relationship that if one of us has an off day, we can still be happy for the other person who is having a better day.

As the guys were riding to Golden, they linked up with professional cyclist Lucas Euser from United Healthcare. Karel was really excited to ride with Lucas and he said it made the rest of the ride go by really fast.

Karel really enjoyed the climb up Lookout mountain...and after the crowds dissapeared after the pro race went by, Karel enjoyed flying down the descend. 

Here are a few of Karel's pictures from Lookout Mountain while watching the last stage of the Pro cycling challenge. 

Hey - I know these guys! 

Around 4pm, I received a text from Karel to pick him up in the park parking lot so I made my way down the mountain to give Karel a lift so he didn't have to bike up Sunshine Canyon. 
Karel rode back by himself and finished with 4 hours and a little over 70 miles. 

After the group cleaned up, it was time to head downtown for our last dinner together. 
We went to The Med - which was amazing!!!! 

We ordered a few appetizers and ate A LOT of bread (oh so good!) and then it was time for our entrees. 

Karel ordered the chicken Kabobs.  

I ordered the Spinaci - this HIT the spot in my belly!!!

It was a late night on Sunday night but the guys wanted to watch the end of the USA Pro cycling challenge on NBC sports and there was a lot of laughing and chatting going on as well. 

On Monday morning, our group got up early to head to the airport and Karel and I took our time as we had to be out of the cabin by 10am. 

I felt a bit better on Monday morning (compared to Sunday...pizza always does the trick!) so I went for a run...my last workout of our 7-day train-cation. 

5.5 miles at 8,000 feet on top Sunshine Canyon. 

After we loaded up the car, it was time....time for a cinnamon roll!!
I've enjoyed a fresh cinnamon roll a few times this summer (last time after placing overall female amateur at Challenge Williamsburg) and after doing more training within 7-days than I have ever done in my life.....this cinnamon roll from Breadworks tasted amazing!!

As for the rest of our last day in Boulder...
Now that we are out of the cabin, we are enjoying some relaxing. There will be a little shopping, a little more eating and then early to bed before we head back to Greenville to reunite with our furry family (who is currently being spoiled by "grandma"). 

Thanks for following along during our train-cation!!!

Next up...a VERY important race-cation. 

5 weeks from tomorrow we head to Kona, Hawaii for the 2015 IM World Championship on October 10th!!!