IM Kona '15 - Day 10

The day we have been waiting for is finally here - one more sleep until race day!!!

Karel went to swim with Purple Patch/Matt Dixon at the pool at 7:30am (he biked there) and I headed out on my bike at 8am for our pre-race warm-up.

I rode for about 50 minutes (to the airport and back) and included a few pick ups to wake up the legs. Karel also rode after his swim and I spotted him on the other side of the Queen K hwy. 

After my bike, I went back to the condo to grab my run shoes and watch-free, headed out for a short run with a few pick-ups. 

After my workout, it was time to eat. I had made pancakes before my workout so they were all ready for when I got home. I had 3 large pancakes with lots of syrup and chopped dates, two hardboiled eggs (one whole, one white) and lots of fruit. 

After the workout it was time to re-pack the transition bags for bike/bag check-in at 2:30pm.

With so much time between our workout and when we had to check in our bikes, I walked down to the expo to say hi to my go-to contact at Clif Bar. We chatted for a while and then walked back to my condo to hang out a little more in the AC. 

Around 2:30pm, my athlete Kristin came over so that we could chat about the race and then it was finally time to head to the race venue to check in our gear. 

I just love the pre-race hype of any Ironman but at the IM World Championship, it is quite special.

First we stood in a long line - helmets had to be out of our  bags. 

Still waiting.....

Still waiting....

There were several bike companies handing out shirts and hats to athletes who had related gear (I received a Stages visor since I ride with Stages Power). 

We then approach the bike check where a volunteer checked everything on our bike to make sure all the numbers were on and everything was race ready. 

Next, we received an M-dot sticker on our bike that we had "passed" the bike check. 

Next - it was time for a picture...of our bike. 

Getting closer.....

Next - it was time to wait for a volunteer to take our gear bags and walk us to our bike rack. 

Fancy carpet before the notorious "green" carpet in Kona. 

With 2367 registered athletes, the pier was covered with bikes! 

I put my bike into it's spot with the helmet on top (required).
I'll bring all of my liquid nutrition in the morning. 

It's always a mystery as to what Madame Pele will give us on race day for weather but regardless, I'm looking forward to 112 miles with my bike and my body tomorrow. 

The hoses to rinse us off out of the water. 
After I dropped off my bike, I hung my run bag and then walked through the women's changing tent. Then I dropped off my bike bag.
This is all reverse of what we will do on race day.
Get out of water - hose off - grab bike bag - go into women's change tent - change, put wet clothes into bag and drop off into a bin - run to bike - roll bike to mount line - get on bike to ride 112 miles.
Return back from bike - hand bike off to volunteer - run all the way around the pier to run bag - go to women's change tent - change - put bike gear into run bag - run out of transition and run 26.2 miles to finish. 

A backside view of the big screen at the finish line. 

Karel and his Czech friend. 

All of the buoys are out - every 100 meters or so is a buoy for a straight out and back 2.4 mile swim course. 

Our start and finish for tomorrow. 

Thank you for the support!