IM Kona '15 - Day 3

With our last long taper workout on Saturday (1 week out from race race), Friday was super light. A 75- minute spin and that was it for training...for the day!

We started our morning with a pre-workout snack (waffle w/ PB, syrup, cinnamon and banana slices for me), coffee and water and did a little work while we waited for the sun to rise (typically the sun rises around 6:10am).

Around 7am, we got ourselves ready for our bike ride and headed out soon after 7:30am. 

We rode the in-town section of the IM Kona course, starting from the pier. We then continued on the Queen K to the airport (7 miles from town) and then headed back home.
There was a bit of traffic so we didn't do any intervals or sets but instead, just kept it really easy, light on the pedals for around 75 minutes. 

After the spin, we stopped by the pier and bumped into our friends Laura and Duran and chatted for a bit. 

After our spin, it was time for breakfast. 

Bagel, egg and cheese sandwich for Karel (all homemade - except the bagel). 

Oats, dates, peaches, banana, syrup, walnuts and milk for me.
Enjoyed with a great view of the ocean.

For the next few hours, I had some work (and phone calls) to get done and Karel did some work as well but by 1:30pm, we were ready for our afternoon race-cation exploring. 

With this being my 4th IM Kona, I have experience on the race course...on race day. But with this being my first IM Kona with Karel, this experience has been the best Kona trip for me. Not only is it great to make memories together but I am seeing much more of the island, race and non-race related, with Karel here with me. 

We took a drive, about 31 miles, down the Queen K hwy in the direction of Kawaihae  - all part of the IM Kona race course...doesn't it look fun?
No trees, long stretches of rolling hills, super hot pavement, lots of wind and lava fields..you have to have a special mindset to enjoy racing in Kona. 

We finally ended up at Hapuna Beach and we did a little swimming and looking at fishes (no sea turtles :( and a little relaxing. Karel and I aren't ones for laying around so after about 20 minutes of laying around, we were ready to get out of the sun. 

Look at that blue water!!

Next up on our to-do list for the afternoon, was a visit with professional triathlete, the amazing and super nice, Meredith Kessler. who was staying just a few miles down the road.
My only interaction with Meredith was racing on the same course as her at Challenge Williamsburg back in June, when the heat index was over 120 degress, where she won the professional female division and I won the female amateur division. 

Thanks to Vector 450, I was connected to Meredith for us sit down and talk about gut health and immunity. We did a short interview together (on video) which I will share shortly.

What an awesome hour spent with Meredith and her husband Aaron.
Karel and I could have talked to them for hours! 

Nearing 5pm, it was time to head back to Kailua Kona.

We finished off the evening with a delicious meal, light in the belly, to cap off a full day of eating, relaxing and light activity before our last big workout before race day. 

I had a big bowl of Minestrone soup with jasmine rice, pasta noodles, saltine crackers and a little cheese. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post - it was a big day of training, filled with swimming, biking and running!