IM Kona '15: Day 8

Well, the "vacationing" is over as it's race week.
Aside from getting our workouts done in the morning, we are spending most of our time indoors (in the AC) and off our feet.
For athletes who love to work out, all this waiting around and eating is exhausting - is it race day yet???
There is a lot going on on race week in Kona and it's really easy to get wrapped-up in all there is to do. Also, if anyone needs motivation to workout - come to Kona during race week. There is no shortage of people swimming in the ocean or in the pool, riding their bikes or running at all hours of the day. We see people swimming in the ocean just after 6am and running on Ali'i drive after 7pm in the dark.
We are just a few more sleeps away from a 140.6 mile adventure on the big island.
Saturday will be a day that most of us have dreamed about for many weeks, months or even a year (or more). It's hard to believe that the big day is almost here!

Karel went for an ocean swim with Purple Patch Fitness at 7am and then went for a bike ride with Paul Buick (bike guru with  Purple Patch) and at 7:30am I went for a ride on the Queen K with my friend Laura. 

The wind was blowing at us and to our side heading north on the Queen K which is not the "typical" wind direction for Kona race day but that's what's so crazy (or should I say "magical") about Kona - the winds change all day long and so does the weather. 

Laura and I wanted to ride 2 hours so we headed out an hour and each took a pull for 5 minutes so that we wouldn't exhaust our legs. We kept the effort really easy and comfortable.

We then turned around and flew home. Sometimes, not even pushing on the pedals and seeing 30+ mph!

We did our main set coming home: 2 x 10 minutes at IM pace w/ 5 min EZ spin in between.

Then it was EZ spin on the way home. 

After our spin, I went back to the condo and met up with Karel (he only rode about an hour after his 20 min ocean swim) and then it was time for breakfast.

Karel and I had some work to do on Training Peaks for our athletes so we spent a few hours working before we decided to get some fresh air. 
It was super windy out but with a little cloud cover, it was not as hot. 

We met Cal (cupcakes with Cal) which was a lot of fun. Not sure if it is just selective with the professionals that we have met but every pro we speak with is so nice and personable!

Karel trying to get some speed from Olympic Gold medalist and 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Jan Frodeno's bike. 

A cruise ship in the distance from the expo. 

What an honor to participate in this historic event. 

Need a Garmin?

After our short visit at the expo, we walked back to our condo (just two blocks) and Karel was itching to get on his bike again (since the morning ride was not his typical ride warm-up but instead an opportunity to learn from Paul Buick) so he went for a 90 minute ride and I went to the grocery store (Wal-Mart) to get more water and a few other things. 

When Karel returned home around 5:15pm, we got ready and back on our bikes to ride just under 4 miles down the road to the Clif Bar house for the Clif Bar party. 

It was great to literally "run" into my athlete Colleen and to see her getting her run workout in after a long day of working at the Wattie booth.

(Yes - I was riding my tri bike in a dress ;) 

A few professionals were at the Clif Bar house - Tio (Tim O'Donnell), Terenzo Bozzone and Linsey Corbin.
We could have talked with Linsey and her hubby Chris for hours - so nice!
I met Linsey in Austria when she dominated the course last summer but this was my first time having a conversation with her. 

What a beautiful sunset!

Thanks Clif Bar!