Hello from the Big Apple!

New York City is everything we are not.
(And I'm talking about the touristy segments of NYC.)

NYC is big, there are a lot of people and there is a lot of traffic.
We like quiet, small and being able to get to places quickly. 

NYC is stimulation overload with bright lights, non stop entertainment and media overload.
We like nature, wild-life and mountains. 

NYC is expensive.
We like affordable living, eating and traveling.
NYC is not triathlete friendly.
We like being able to bike or run out of our front door. 

NYC is busy. Everyone seems to be in a rush.
We like slow-paced, enjoying the moment. 

We are loving NYC!! 

One of the best parts about traveling is experiencing a way of life that is not your own. Learning, exploring and immersing yourself into a different lifestyle.

Sometimes traveling makes you miss home and what is familiar but many times, traveling opens your eyes to a different way of life that you never considered would work for you or would be better for you.

Aside from a few touristy things in NYC that do not match how we live our life, the food options in NYC are endless and we love walking around everywhere! I wish we had more time in NY than 1.5 days but we knew it would be a quick trip.
The sights are amazing here and we could use a few more days just to eat!

This trip was not expected but when Clif Bar invited us to NYC to watch the NBC premier broadcast of the 2015 Ironman World Championship at NYIT auditorium, we could not pass up this opportunity. After returning home from PCB to watch our athletes in action at IMFL, we worked 2 long days on Monday and Tues to get a lot of work done for our business before flying out to NYC on Wednesday morning.
We will return home on Friday and then Karel is off to Jacksonville, FL for 4 days of RETUL fits.

Hmmmm.....maybe we do have the lifestyle of a New Yorker as we are always busy and on the go!

I will post more pics of our exciting day (Thursday) on the Trimarni Facebook page but for now, here are some pics from our 1/2 day in NYC on Wed. 

Veterans day parade. Thank you past and present Veterans!

We took a cab from the airport to our hotel on W 55th street. However, when we looked at our maps on our phone and saw that we had 35 minutes in the taxi to go 1.5 miles.

Well, that was just silly.
We asked the cab driver to stop when he could and then we walked to our hotel with our baggage. 

Walking is so much better than sitting in a car as we got to start our sight-seeing early. 

We checked in to the WestHouse hotel (thank you Clif Bar for the amazing lodging experience) and enjoyed afternoon tea, snacks and pastries before our room was ready at 3pm. 

We then walked up to the terrace (23rd floor) after checking into our room and then we were off to explore the city by foot for the next 5 hours. 

So many great food places!! I wish we had more time to eat!

After making our way 36 blocks to 19th street, and seeing so much of Manhattan, we finally hit our final destination. 

Karel was so excited to enjoy a meal (almost) as good as his mom's home-cooking. 

I ordered a delicious salad, packed with veggies, apples and goat cheese and saved some room for dessert. 

My favorite Czech dessert is poppy seed Streusel and they just happened to have it in the restaurant. 

After dinner, we walked back to our hotel for a total of ~6.3 miles of walking since we arrived in NYC.

Inside Macy's. 

Times Square at night. 

Yay - one of our amazing Trimarni sponsors, Oakley!


I love anything chocolate and peanut butter!

Our first official day in NYC was fun but I have a feeling that day 2 will be even more memorable.