Are you training for a triathlon in 2016?

Do you have a triathlon goal for 2016? 

Are you registered for your first Olympic, Half or Full Ironman distance triathlon in 2016? 

Are you looking to improve your skills, endurance, strength and overall fitness throughout your racing season to see what you are capable of achieving at your key race in 2016?

Are you serious about your training and want a smart training plan to follow to see what your body is capable of achieving in 2016?
If so, we created our (NEW) 20-week Trimarni training plans with YOU in mind. 

As accomplished endurance triathletes and devoted coaches, we understand the physiological and nutritional needs of endurance triathlon training and racing.

We love coaching athletes of all fitness levels.
All we ask is that you have a goal and a race in mind, you enjoy the developmental process of training, you want to excel on race day and you are committed to training smart, working hard and keeping your body in good health.

No matter what level athlete you are or what event distance you are training for, we put a lot of thought and effort into our plans to ensure that you would feel physically, mentally, nutritionally and emotionally ready for your upcoming races. 


Marni is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian (CSSD) and holds a Master of Science in exercise physiology. She specializes in sport nutrition and she is a certified USA Triathlon level-1 coach. With a great understanding of the physiological and nutritional requirements of training for endurance sports, she enjoys working with triathletes of all levels. She has coached fitness enthusiasts to become first-time Ironman finishers, has helped many age-groupers, with families and busy work schedules, reach personal best times and achieve life-long goals and has developed athletes to qualify for the Ironman World Championship.
Marni is a 10x Ironman finisher with a 10:17 Ironman PR (IM Austria), including 4 Ironman World Championship finishes. 

Karel is an experienced RETUL bike fitter with exceptional skills as a bike mechanic. Karel knows everything and anything about cycling. As an exceptional cat 1 cyclist turned triathlete, Karel has the ability to think like a one sport athlete but train like a triathlete in order to help Trimarni athletes learn how to train smarter. As a cyclist turned triathlete, Karel has had to learn the basics when it comes to training for triathlons, which has allowed him to better coach his athletes. Karel qualified for the 70.3 World Championship after his first half IM and finished his 2nd Ironman in 9:22 (Ironman Austria) with a 3:11 marathon.
Karel and Marni enjoy working together because they each have their own strengths and specialty areas when it comes to coaching athletes and performing as top age-group endurance triathletes. 
We enjoy the developmental process of working with athletes and teaching our athletes how to train smarter in order to execute well on race day.  We provide great detail and attention to every workout which includes focus on strength training, daily and sport nutrition, pacing, intervals, mental toughness, recovery and learning how to adjust to life. We strongly believe in an educational component to our coaching so that our athletes know why they are doing what they are doing in every workout, with every phase of training.
Thank you for considering Trimarni Coaching to help you reach your short and long term triathlon goals. 

Any athlete who purchases a Trimarni training plan in the month of January will be entered into a raffle for one FREE entry to any Rev3 Triathlon race (distance of your choice) for 2016. The winning athlete will be notified on Feb 1st. 
If you are interested in joining our performance team with the purchase of any training plan, you will receive the past 4 check-in educational emails for FREE. Topics discussed included sport nutrition (with specific calculations for determining carbohydrate, fat and protein needs as well as how to fuel before, during and after workouts), daily nutrition, understanding "check-points" (testing) and swim training specifics. You will receive over 15 pages of detailed educational materials that will help you train and fuel smarter for FREE if you join our performance team in Jan.
You will receive all past and current weekly check-in emails as soon as you purchase you plan.  
If you are a triathlete who is interested in Trimarni coaching and being part of the Trimarni team but not interested in individualized-coaching this season, the PERFORMANCE team plan is designed just for you! 

With the purchase of any Trimarni 20-week endurance triathlon training plan (Half or Ironman distance)
-You can feel part of a team by joining our private Trimarni Coaching Facebook page to socialize with your fellow Trimarni teammates,
-Connect with us at key Trimarni races and camps (our athletes receive top priority for camp registration before opening our camps to the public - typically our camps fill-up before we can open to the public)
-Receive our weekly “check-in” emails (which will provide you with weekly education, information, tips, race results and support on topics like swimming, cycling, running, mental strength, sport nutrition, daily nutrition, strength training, race strategy/execution, motivation tips, etc). You'll feel like you are receiving a detailed consultation from us every week!
eive exclusive Trimarni sponsor discounts.

Instead of browsing the web and consulting with friends over and over again about your gear, training and nutrition questions, let us help educate you so that you can learn how to train and race smarter.
Plus, we want to be part of your training and racing journey as a Trimarni team member.
At check-out when purchasing your 20-week half or full Ironman training plan, select "Performance Team". After your purchased training plan is emailed to you, you will be part of the Trimarni team for only $50 a month (we will contact you regarding set-up for monthly paymnets). You can start/cancel your $50/monthly payment anytime. 
We look forward to having you be part of the Trimarni team!
Email us with any questions. 

Olympic, Half and Full Ironman plans
The Trimarni training plans are designed for committed, passionate, performance-seeking athletes of all fitness levels who want to train smarter to train harder. We keep our training philosophy simple - we want you to reach performance goals without compromising your overall health. Our training plans are designed to keep you in good health, as you balance everything in your busy life, as you take your fitness to the next level. We believe that our plans will keep you excited to train while minimizing burnout and risk for injury. Our plans provide the right mix of challenge and fun as you work hard to reach personal fitness goals. 
We have updated our plans which are all now 20 weeks and include 4 weeks of our Transition/Foundation plan. 
For more info on what is included with each plan: 
Endurance Plan - Half and Full Ironman distance
At checkout, you can add the option of the Performance Plan OR select 1-hour phone call if you'd like to set-up a consultation with me and/or Karel at any point throughout your season to discuss your race strategy, training or nutrition. 
Transition/Foundation Plan
Back by popular demand, our updated transition plan is designed specifically to help you develop the proper skills to progress smoothly throughout the year. Consider this the blueprint of building a strong house for your body.  It is important to appreciate the first phase of your training plan as the focus is not on speed, pace, heart rate and/or power but instead skills, form and neuromuscular control. We designed this plan to help you get stronger before you try to get faster or go longer. We consider this phase a necessary but often overlooked part of most  triathlon training plans. Every Trimarni athlete (and Karel and myself) follow a transition phase before we get into more specific training.
For more info: 

8-week Transition/Foundation Plan

Periodized Strength Training Plan

You know it's important but strength training is often the most neglected or confusing component of a triathletes training plan (and often the first to go in the spring when the training becomes more specific). 
We designed a periodized strength training plan that allows for smooth progression throughout your periodized plan. With swimming, biking and running as your primary focus, our strength training plan may make it easier to achieve better swim, bike and run results with a stronger body.
Our strength training plan is designed to help you build a strong foundation and then when you add more speed and power in your training plan, the strength training routine changes from simple, isolated movements to more complex and dynamic movements.
If you are returning to your sport after an injury, experience chronic injuries or feel like you could benefit from strength training in order to improve speed, power and endurance, you will love our strength training plans.
The Trimarni periodized strength plan includes videos for every exercise, including dynamic warm-ups, glute/hip/core focus and stretching links for your entire season and almost all exercises can be performed at your home, with minimal equipment. 
For more info:
Periodized Strength Training Plan


Yes - we have them! 

Trimarni Gift Certificates for coaching, nutrition and RETUL bike fits are available for your friend, training partner or loved one for the holidays, birthdays, special occasions, anniversary's or just because you care.

Please send us a message via our contact page on our website before purchasing your desired plan so we know to include a gift certificate with your purchase to your favorite athlete in mind.

We are excited to be part of your 2016 training and racing season!