Fit AND healthy

Great performances are built on great health. If you are carelessly eating whatever you want or intentionally restricting energy and fluids before/during and after your workouts, in an your attempt to improve performance, you could actually find yourself becoming less healthy.

You can't expect to train your way to great fitness and live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Sure, you may not smoke, eat fast food all day or drink excessively but how are your dietary choices enhancing your health?

Great health is the foundation to great performances. 

As it relates to 
healthy living and healthy eating, how much time you devote to getting fit compared to how much time you devote to improving your health? 
Don’t assume that both are correlated as many times, they are not.

You can be very fit but also very unhealthy. 

In the February 2016 issue of Triathlete Magazine, you can check out two pages (Pg. 68-69) of my nutrition tips relating to fueling your body for short distance triathlons. 

You will read in the article that I am not suggesting complicated sport nutrition tips nor am I suggesting to be overly restrictive with your eating.

Hopefully with my tips you will better understand how to fuel your body in motion so that you can be more consistent with training as you keep your body in good health. 

Just because you signed up for a race and you have a training plan, this doesn't mean that you are guaranteed good health.

You have to make the effort to be healthy when you are NOT training so that when you train, your body can adapt better to training stress. 

It is important to focus on healthy living as an athlete so that you don't compromise your health as you are trying to improve your fitness. 

Here are a few focus areas for healthy living:

Good sleep
Healthy relationships
Healthy work/life/family balance
Stress management
                                   Train smart - train enough but not too much                             
Strength train
Reduce sedentary time
Nutrient timing
Prioritize real food, variety
Meal plan
Healthy relationship with food and the body