Powerful food bowl

I'm not a fan of fad diets that promise "too good to be true" health or weight loss results or require extreme, restrictive eating choices but I'm all about food trends that encourage healthy eating.

If it wasn't for food trends, you probably wouldn't be eating so much kale, avocados or chia seeds!

If you've been a long-time Trimarni follower on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably noticed that most of my meals are eaten from bowls.

Well, wouldn't you know that it is now trendy to eat a meal out of a bowl???

I love the idea of eating out of a bowl for several reasons:
-Flavors are enhanced when combined
-You can incorporate a variety of nutrients into one dish
-You can see what you love to eat
-You can hide what you don't like to eat
-You are forced to sit down and eat with silverware
When I plan meals, I always focus on a template for every meal:
-Plants (fruits or veggies)
-Starch or grain

Without getting too deep into numbers, here are some numbers to ensure that you are eating "enough"  PER MEAL.

-Plants: Unlimited
-Protein: 25-30g
-Starch or grain: ~50-70g
-Fat: ~10-20g
Certainly, adjust based on your energy and appetite - just make sure all adjustments work for your active lifestyle and health goals.

Note: I like my athletes to think of meal planning as "am I eating enough?" not saying "I am eating too much!" as it helps create a better relationship with food when you focus on eating enough to meet energy and nutrient needs.

As you can see from my powerful bowl of nutrients (lunch yesterday), I have the following in my bowl:
-Plants: mixed greens and arugula, tomatoes, grapes, red and orange peppers, onions
-Protein: Cottage cheese (and some from quinoa)
-Starch or grain: Quinoa
-Fat: Olive oil, chopped walnuts, goat cheese


Are you ready to start this Trimarni-approved food trend?

Here's how you can get started: 
1) Buy some awesome bowls in all sizes (I prefer shallow bowls)

2) Think about your favorite recipes/meals and how you can eat them in a bowl
(for inspiration, check out this blog)

3) Don't feel the need to combine everything. If you don't like foods to be mixed or prefer one type of texture at a time while eating, divide your bowl into sections so that you have all the components of a healthy and balanced meal....in a bowl.

4) Are you worried that you can't change old habits....like always eating sandwich for a meal?
Turn that sandwich, wrap or pita inside out and serve the bread on the side (you can top with smashed avocado, cheese or hummus)

What will you yum over in your bowl?