Healthy lifestyle habits

It’s quite the paradox but America is obsessed with eating healthy yet we are one very unhealthy nation.
Although what we eat (or don't eat) affects our health, healthy eating is simply part of a healthy life.

And a healthy life requires healthy lifestyle habits.

 If you are constantly looking for quick fixes after you realize that your unhealthy lifestyle has become a problem, it's time to stop the diet mentality so you can (finally) create good lifestyle habits to improve your health, body composition and performance/fitness.
Believe it or not, but by addressing your lifestyle choices you can actually improve your fitness, achieve/maintain a healthy weight/body composition, minimize GI distress (especially during workouts), improve recovery, have more natural energy throughout the day, reduce risk for injury and sickness and enjoy your athletic lifestyle a lot more without following a diet plan. 

I realize that it's much easier to gain control over your life by following a diet plan as it's easy to feel great anxiety, fear and stress around food.
Of course, a diet plan takes away the guessing and being told what not to eat is much easier than putting in the work to make better choices with your eating, training/
exercising and lifestyle but you can't live your entire life obsessing about what to or not to eat.
It's time to make peace with food and live a more healthy lifestyle. 

If you feel like you need a change in your life, I want you to select three of the following lifestyle habits that need improvement in your life.

Restful sleep
Healthy relationships - spouse/significant other, family and friends
Healthy life, work and family balance
                                          Stress management                                     
Strength training and mobility work
Following a smart training plan
Following a smart training plan that fits into your life
Reduce sedentary time
Nutrient timing - timing food with workouts
Using sport nutrition wisely
Better recovery routine
More time warming up before workouts
Learning to say no more often
Prioritize real food variety - reduce junk food
Improve coping skills (stop using alcohol or food for emotions, stress, anxiety, etc.)
Meal planning/prepping
Staying hydrated
Developing a healthy relationship with food and the body
Goal setting
Mental strength/skills
Create structure with your life
Give yourself "me" time

I want you to dedicate this entire week to exploring these three lifestyle habits. 
1) Why did you select these habits?
2) What's keeping you from making a change in this area? 

3) What will help you make a change (education, professional help, accountability, motivation)?
4) How will you maintain your changes for long-term success?5) What will you do when a set-back occurs? How will you get back on track?