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Ironman Austria - one more sleep

It's hard to believe that it was almost 10 years ago when I was packing my transition bags for my very first Ironman.
Now 10 years and 10 Ironman triathlon events later, I have the privilege of racing for 140.6 miles with my body for the 11th time in Klagenfurt, Austria.

I've always felt that the Ironman distance was a good distance for me. Over the years, I have enjoyed the mental and physical challenge of training for and racing long distance triathlon events.

There have been a lot of high moments, PR's, Kona qualifications (4 of them) and great memories but I've also had my share of low moments with setbacks, struggles and injuries.
When I overcome those low moments, I always gain more of an appreciation for what I can do with my body as a triathlete.

Although I feel honored that I have the fitness to be competitive and to "race" (not just participate) for 140.6 miles, I never take the distance for granted. I respect the long day that I have in front of me and I can not thank my body enough for letting me push hard for 10+ hours.

Thank you for the continued support, safe wishes and good mechanical luck.

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Ironman Austria
Marni - Bib number 672
Karel - Bib number 342

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Escorting my mom to her volunteer duties at Registration. 

We'd like to send a big thank you to Triasport for special ordering me a new right side brake lever from Germany on Wednesday, overnighting it for it to arrive on Thursday AND for giving us a great euro discount.
Sadly, my basebar Di2 shifting stopped working in route to Europe (cause unknown). But all is good now!
Also, I realize I could have still raced just fine with my right side aero bar electronic shifting but to make me feel more comfortable, I'm incredible grateful and thankful to the best bike mechanic in the world (seriously, he's that good) who also happens to be my husband for going out of his way to find the part, order the part and then install the part. I'm also grateful that Karel is a perfectionist and very patient.
I played bike stand as Karel installed a new brake lever and rerouted all the cables. This was not an easy job so I'm thinking I'll need to make Karel extra proud on Sunday by riding extra fast and using my gears a lot....and getting him a few Czech beers nd get him a few Czech be 

Walking in Europapark to the pre-race athlete welcome banquet. 

Athlete pre-race banquet