Solestar cycling insoles

Your cycling insoles may not be as sexy as your race wheels, sleek-looking frame or brightly colored and well-matched race kit but some things on your bike do not have to be seen by others to make a significant improvement in how well you ride. Karel and I have been using Solestar cycling insoles for over 2 years and we can't even imagine going for a ride without them. From my personal experience, I loved them from the first ride that I used them. My feet feel extremely comfortable in my cycling shoes, never feeling overstressed. As someone who has worked really hard to improve my pedaling mechanics, the insoles have helped me tremendously, as I feel control with each pedal stroke, no matter the cadence, sitting, standing or in the aero position. Karel keeps a small inventory of insoles (in a variety of sizes) for when he performs his RETUL fits. He has received many positive testimonials. As for the athletes who often complain of foot tightness or hot spots, no matter the brand of cycling shoe, there's often an immediate improvement of no more "hot spots" or feet cramping or tiredness with the Solestar insoles. (If you need a personal testimonial, just reach out and we can connect you with a happy Solestar user) While you may not think anything of it, a stiffer/firmed insole helps to keep your foot in a more stable, neutral position which reduces pressure in your foot and ankle. In other words, every time you pedal, the power goes directly to the pedal, generating more power, rather than your foot absorbing all the shock.

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If you are interested in a pair, reach out to us via our website contact page. If we don't have your size in stock, not to worry. We order from Germany but orders can be placed and received within 2 weeks. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your Solestar Kontrol insole within 6 weeks to get a full refund. Solestar recommends that you give the insoles several weeks to get use to but from our experience, it's hard not to love them after the first few rides.