Breakfast tacos

Yep, that's right.

Tacos for breakfast.

Or, as a recovery meal after a long workout.

And maybe even for dinner too!

There's no overthinking breakfast tacos.

1) Take your favorite omelet ingredients and scramble them all together in a skillet.
2) Stuff inside a taco (or two, or three).
3) Top with your favorite omelet/taco toppings - gauc, cheese, sour cream, salsa.
4) Yum


On Saturday afternoon, after a 4 hour ride, I was suddenly in the mood for something savory and crunchy. Although my post ride pancakes were super delish, tacos sounded amazingly awesome while watching the live stream of the Ironman 70.3 Ironman World Championship.

I sauteed kale in a skillet and added mushrooms and onions. When my veggies were cooked, I scrambled together 2 eggs and combined with my sauteed veggies.

I then took taco shells and slathered the inside with smashed avocado, sprinkled on the shredded cheese (so that it would melt on the shell when I added my hot ingredients) and I stuffed each shell with my veggie and egg mixture.
There was some overflowing of eggs and veggies, which wasn't a problem until I needed to take a picture....thus the far-away picture of messy overly-stuffed tacos.

I encourage you to break away from any food rules or repetitive eating habits that are keeping you from enjoying a healthy and fun way of fueling and nourishing your body.

Breakfast tacos anyone?