IM Kona '16: Day 6

With race week finally here, I couldn't wait for my first race week workout. Yeah yeah, I know I am not racing but you can't take the athlete out of me. With this being my 5th time in Kona but first time not racing, I'm full of energy and loving every opportunity to train on the big island, while being surrounded by so many fit and inspiring athletes.

As you may know, Matt Dixon has been a long time mentor of ours and a coach to Karel for the past 2 years. We have learned so much from him and over the past year, we have had a few opportunities to train under his one-on-one guidance. Learning from a coach like Matt, who has so much experience, makes us better coaches. And we are incredibly grateful for the opportunities that he has given us. 

 Being able to participate in group workouts on the big island, open to the IM Kona PPF athletes and friends/family, makes being here a lot more fun. 

With Trimarni athletes Leigh Ann and Justine excited to participate in a PPF group swim workout, lead under the coaching of Matt at the Kona pool, we had planned to meet at the Kona pool at 7:45am for the 8am swim.

Last minute, Karel told me that he had received an email update that there would be a swim at 7:15am at the pool for "fast" swimmers. 

Karel told me I should participate so I figured, why not.

Well, when I showed up, Matt directed me (and PPF age group athlete Philip) to the middle lane where he told me "You will swim with the professionals".

After warm-up, I noticed that I was sharing a lane with Sarah Piampiano, Tim Reed and Jesse Thomas. What a highlight as a triathlete who loves to swim. I was in my happy place with some incredibly talented and fast athletes! 

After my 3600 yard swim workout, I cooled down a bit before joining Karel, Leigh Ann and Justine. I stayed in the back of the lane as I was just swimming just to swim.
Yes, I really do love swimming that much :) 

5700 yards later, I was officially done with my double swim workout and we snapped a quick pick with Matt (thank goodness he wasn't charging yet for pictures - hehe :). 

After our swim, we biked back to our condo (just a few minutes down the road), dropped off our swim stuff in our condo and headed out on Ali'i drive for a preview of the run course and start of the bike course. 

This race course is really unique in that you can actually train or see every mile of the 140.6 mile race course. 


After our morning workout, it was time to eat, make a few phone calls and then relax for a short time before heading out to Ali'i drive to check out some vendors before the official IM Kona expo opening tomorrow. 

With tomorrow as the first day for the athletes to check in and the opening of the IM Kona expo, I am excited to see familiar faces and to view some new products/gear in the expo.
I have no doubt that the expo will be all the buzz around town with the latest and greatest in triathlon "stuff".

Like BlueSeventy with their new short sleeve swim skin.

And Ceramic Speed, who offers the only 17-tooth pulley wheel system on the market with the oover sized pulley wheel system (OSPW) and UFO chains.

Karel is like a kid in the candy store here in Kona. He loves talking "bikes".