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Do you really need to strength train?

Are you once again neglecting strength training in your cardio training?

As a triathlete, runner or any other type of cardio-focused athlete, strength training has an important role in your cardio-focused training regime. 

While you likely know that you should strength train, it's common for athletes to think that any time spent away from swim/bike/run (or your sport of choice) in order to strength train will slow fitness gains. But actually it's the opposite. By making strength training part of your cardio focused training routine in the early phase of your season (remember, strength training needs to be periodized, just like your sport), you are setting yourself up for big fitness gains later on, when your training advances in intensity and volume. 

As you integrate functional strength exercises into your early phase of training, you can improve your imbalances and weaknesses, which may otherwise come back to haunt you when you place added intensity and volume stress on your body in the spring and throughout the summer. Sadly, it's very hard to return to a foundation phase of training when you are in peak training.

Lifting weights just to be strong will be of little value compared to performing sport-specific movements that help improve mobility, stability and eventually power and explosive strength.

For many years, Trimarni has believed in the purpose of strength training for the main fact that I spent much of my higher education focusing on strength and conditioning (throughout college and during my Master degree program). Creating strength training plans is a passion of mine as I have been strength training since I was very young (around 12 years old) and have experienced great benefits of regularly strength training.

As you transition from your off-season to more specific power/endurance/speed phase of training, I encourage you to appreciate the role of strength training as a triathlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner.

Karel and myself, including our athletes, all perform a "foundation" phase of training immediately after the off season.

For many years, we have called this our "Transition" plan but this word is interchanged with foundation, as you are simply building a strong foundation to work from as the season progresses.

Because we find this phase of training so critical, we have continued to update our 8-week Transition plan every year to ensure that we are keeping up with current trends and methods of training.

If you are confused as to how to properly transition yourself from the off-season to your more specific triathlon training OR if you are susceptible to injuries and health issues and want to ensure consistency in your first 8 weeks of training (and onward), we have a new 2017 8-week Transition plan and we are offering it to you to help you build a strong body for your 2017 season of training and racing. 

You can learn more here, 2017 Trimarni Training Plans.

So, to answer if you really need to strength train....the answer is yes.
Chasing watts and speed is not relevant right now.
It's impossible (and not necessary) to maintain peak race fitness all year long.

While your swim, bike, and/or run cardio sessions are important, give strength training a high priority role in your early phase of athletic development.
A strong body now will better tolerate the added stress that you will place on it as your training volume and intensity increases. 
A body that stays weak, delicate or fragile as you progress into higher intensity/volume training, will slowly deteriorate with health and injury issues as the season progresses.

Check out some of my strength training exercises to improve your stability, posture and balance.


The Soup and Sandwich combo

I have great memories of my childhood (and teenage years) when my dad would often make me and my brother grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was one of my dad's most favorite go-to meals (perhaps a close second to spaghetti with meatballs).
The soup was from a can, the bread was found on the grocery store shelf (soft and white), he used Kraft singles American cheese (found inside a plastic wrapper) and the secret to making the grilled cheese extra crisp, was buttering the toast before placing the bread on the skillet.

Although this creation was far from being described as "gourmet" and would not meet any guidelines of what people would now call "healthy, clean or wholesome", it was prepared by my dad and he loved making it for me and my brother....thus, it is a meal that I will always remember as a happy meal. 

As I miss my dad every day since his passing in May 2014, I often finding myself craving tomato soup and grilled cheese because it reminds me of him and his contagious smile and positive attitude. 

Now is the time of the year when soup (and chili) is heavily craved as it's hot, delicious and comforting. There's not much to dislike about this meal that warms your body with each spoonful.
And you can never get bored of soup as there are countless recipes with different ingredient and spice/herb combinations. 

For a busy athlete was often finds him/herself too exhausted to cook, I highly suggest to experiment with several soup/chili recipes with the help of a crock pot, to ensure that you always have a warm meal ready for you after a long day of life.

And to make my dad happy, no bowl of soup should be consumed without a delicious side sandwich. 

Here are a few sandwich recipes from Eating Well:
Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Here are a few (actually, 100+) soup recipes from Cooking Light:
Healthy Soup Recipes


Mountains to Main Street - register now with a $50 discount!

Are you looking for a beautiful, challenging, safe, well-organized half ironman distance (72.3 miles) event where you can race your own effort without feeling overcrowded on the bike course and race in a community that welcomes triathletes/cyclists?
Mark your calendars for May 21, 2017 and join us at Mountains To Mainstreet Triathlon & Festival in Greenville, SC.

Just as the name implies, you will start the race near the mountains in beautiful Lake Keowee and you will finish right off Main Street in our amazing, award-winning Downtown Greenville.

Set UpEvents race managers for Beach 2 Battleship Triathlons and South Carolina Triathlon Series invite you to join Mountains To Mainstreet Triathlon & Festival and would like to offer you a gift of $50 off your registration.
Discount code: B2BM2M50
Act fast...offer expires on 11/15!!

If the Half Ironman distance isn't for you, not to worry!!
You can participate in the Mountains to Main Street Festival by participating in the 
 1K, 5K or Half Marathon event on May 20th!

We are so excited for you to be taken away by our mountain and nature views, enjoy our bike friendly community and explore our beautiful downtown Greenville.
Did I mention that our downtown is very dog friendly???

With our state parks, Swamp Rabbit Trail, awesome downtown (picture above is from downtown Falls Park!), kid-friendly museums and delicious restaurants, Mountains to Main Street is the perfect weekend event for the entire family!

See you there!

For more info, here's Karel's M2M race recap


2017 Trimarni camps - now open for registration!



At Trimarni, we are extremely passionate about our training camps. We take great pride in selecting beautiful venues, which are conducive to safe and effective training, while carefully planning every detail of our camp itineraries to make the most out of your entire camp experience.

Our mission is to provide our campers with an unforgettable camp experience, empowering you to stretch your athletic limits while providing you with a great amount of education and skill focus to help you become a better triathlete. 

When you participate in a Trimarni camp, we will give you our full attention as we want you to learn new training techniques (and break some old bad habits) to ensure that you can train effectively in your home environment, after your time at camp has concluded.

As you travel to a picturesque training location, surrounded by like-minded triathletes, you will leave your stressful and busy life behind you. 

We want to take care of everything for you so that all you have to do is book your travel and show-up to camp.

Your camp investment will give you the unique opportunity to train in a group format (alongside two experienced coaches and SAG support), while getting great sleep, eating well, fueling smart and receiving a lot of motivation and inspiration from your fellow campers.

Take a look at our camps to decide which camp will best fit your athletic needs.
All camps are open to all triathletes.
You do not have to be a Trimarni coaching athlete to participate in a Trimarni group or private camp.

If you are coached by another coach/coaching company, we would be happy to discuss your needs with your coach, before a group or private Trimarni camp, to ensure the best camp training experience possible to assist in your athletic season development. 

If you aren't sure which camp is right for you, send us an email and let us help.

We look forward to giving you an unforgettable training experience at a 2017 Trimarni group or private training camp.

Be sure to register quickly as several of our camps are over 50% filled at this time.
(Trimarni coaching athletes receive first priority sign-up.)


Making the most of the fall

The fall is an amazing time and we are loving the season change in Greenville.

Sadly, we were not able to enjoy this season prior to moving to Greenville as we spent the past 10 years (14 for Karel) in Florida.

Sure, it was nice in Jacksonville, FL when the temperatures dropped to 70 degrees and it felt "cool" but there's something special about the crisp fall air and colorful trees to remind you that it's a new season.

Seeing that our 2017 triathlon training (foundation building) started a few weeks ago, there's a lot of structured back in our life as it relates to swim, bike, run. We are strength training 3 times per week, we are in the pool 4 times per week, we run 3-4 times per week (no brick runs) and we are biking 2-3 times per week. There's a lot of specificity which means choosing our terrain/environment properly to ensure proper execution.
But then there's a nice sprinkle of "free" workouts where there is no focus. 
These workouts are designed to be low intensity and skill oriented. 

The fall makes it easy to love training outside for those fun, free workouts. Karel's been having fun on his mountain bike, I love being outside on my road bike (it's like play time for me) and we have ventured out to the trails for running. 

We know that the cold temps are coming (which means more indoor training) and the specificity in our training will limit these fun free workouts.
It's not hard to make the most of this phase of training before our training load increases.

Greenville is so beautiful to train in, in the fall! 

All bundled up for a morning ride. 

Bumped in to Trimarni athlete Thomas and his new ride...oh wait, we both have new rides!
Karel was left out of the new ride feeling so he had to take the picture :) 

Loving my new road bike (Trek Silque SSL with Di2). So light, responsive and comfortable! Thanks Karel for building it for me!

The key to riding outside in 40 degrees....layers...lots and lots of layers. 

And riding toward the sunlight will help warm you up!

So happy on two wheels. Yay, that new ride feeling is amazing! 

Love our bike friendly roads and having SO much routes to choose from. Most of the time, we just leave our house and let our bikes decide where they want to take us. 

Farm life is everywhere. 

Sometimes you have to stop and say hello to the furry friends. 

Love our State Parks in Greenville. 

Off for a 60 minute trail run. 

Running to North Lake at Paris Mountain State Park. 

Nature is so beautiful. 

Am I the only one who sees water and wants to go for a swim??

Exploring with Karel. 

What a view!

Dirty trail shoes, 2 consumed flasks and no twisted ankles or boo boos.....successful run!

Technical MTB riding for Karel. I'll stick to the roads. 

Roots and rocks make for a fun MTB ride (according to Karel).

Enjoying his view. 

Letting the bike lead the way.